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Aerlingus is the private airline from Irlandia. This Airline company was born in 1936. Aerlingus itself is the abbrevation from “Aer Loingeas” that in Irlandian

Aerlingus is the private airline from Irlandia. This Airline company was born in 1936. Aerlingus itself is the abbrevation from “Aer Loingeas” that in Irlandian language means “Airline”. This airline company is situated in Dublin, Irlandia. This airline was actually born from Oneworld alliance which already given all the comapny share to aerlingus on 31 March, 2007. This airline is a well-known company in Irlandia since they strated their debut in 1936.

            At the first time it is made, this airline was born on 15 April 1936. It’s inaugural flights held on 27th

May 1936 from Dublin to Bristol, England. This flight used De Havilland DH.84 Dragon as its aircrafts. This aircrafts also called by “Iolar” that means eagle. At the next events, this company brought several aircrafts such as

-       De Havilland DH.86 Express

-       De Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide

-       Lockheed 14

-       Douglas DC-3

-       Etc

This airline grew significanly day by day by the increasement of people’s willingness to go around the world easily. Unfortunately, this airline company had to stop operating for a while in the World War 2 era.

            After the world war events finished, Aer Lingus started to operate again using its first flight to London on 9 November, 1945. At this time, Aer lingus also introduced their new uniform for the cabin staff. In the early 1950, this company introduced the new commercial routes to Brussels, Amsterdam, and Rome. This expansion finally made this airline brought Vickers Viscount and Bristol 170 Freighter. The new powerful aircrafts for their world-wide air transport which covered the flights until 1957.


            The company’s expansion finally lead to their first ocean accross flights on 28th April, 1958. This flights also begann the Jet Era in which the company started to use Boeing 720 to go to New York and Boston that has been sucessfuly done at that time. Looked at their previous success, this company decided to complete their collection with Boeing 707 that finished its operational in 1980s. Around 1960s, Aer lingus also brought Boeing 37 and BAC One-eleven.


            In the early 1970, Aer Lingus received their 3 airplane of Boeing 747 for their translantic flights. Even though one of them finally be loaned to another company because it was consider to be poorly economics aircrafts. In the early 1984, this company retired Boeing 747 and BAC One – eleven. Even though there were some aircrafts be retired at that time, Aer Lingus created their company’s branch called by Aer lingus Commuter. This small company handled the flights to domestic city which doesn’t need Jet airplane.


This company stable growth finally brought this airline to be successful airline which is well known in today’s world. The recent news about this company was there was a program to save some outcomes started from 2009. This strategy was taken to renew their aircrafts for more challanging world and needs. One of their goals was buying Airbus A330 Enhanced and Airbuss A350 XWB in which will be started operating around 2011 -2015.

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2015-08-15 21:58:12

Aer Lingus is a great airline if you're looking to fly on the cheap, especially between Ireland and some of the more touristy cities in Europe like Milan or Barcelona, or to the Canary Islands. You should, though, pay special attention to their cabin baggage allowance policy or else you might have to pay a pretty penny to check your oversized bag at the gate! If you have several bags to check, I'd suggest doing it online ahead of time as Aer Lingus offers discounts for bags checked via their website rather than at the airport. If you're flying to the US, though, don't worry as they let you check a bag for free.

J K.

2015-08-15 21:57:11

Thus far all has gone well with this Irish based carrier but time will tell in a few hours when I ship across from a holiday to Bruges... there may be an update when I come back. Aer Lingus is one of Ireland's largest carriers and doesn't fit with the usually budget crowd but is probably a step down from someone larger like BA, that said I've had no problems so far. We booked our flights online, to Bruges. £255 for two return flights to Brussels airport (the main international and not the glorified bus shelter Ryanair fly into) Quite quick and efficient thus far - all has gone well. Their weight limits are reasonable and it was 30euros for my case which isn't too bad considering some of the ridiculous prices the budget airlines charge.

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