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This company is well-known airline in this Taj Mahal country. This Airline was familiarly called by Alliance Air before finally changed the name become Air India. Air India Airlines, since it was created

This company is well-known airline in this Taj Mahal country. This Airline was familiarly called by Alliance Air before finally changed the name become Air India. Air India Airlines, since it was created on 21st June 1996 was popular with their regional services and cheap prices. The Airline share is now totally owned by Indian Airlines.

However the history of this Airline was actually absurd. It was since their center office ever tried to sell their five aircrafts (type Boeing 737-200) to be cargo aircrafts. That is why the company tended to cooperated with Indian Airlines to survive their service to deliver the passengers to fly regionally. Finally the name of ‘Alliance’ was born which meant Air India could not stand by its own feet.

The name of Alliance was slowly disappeared because their customer was already familiar with the name of Air India Airlines (or the airlines name using the regional place name). Unfortunately, because in the past moment Air India operated their aircrafts to be the cargo airplane, the share would no longer own by their hands. Indian Airlines help them to survive their airlines service.

However, this company was still remarkable, since it was still marked a profit every year by their affordable services. Their services are mostly focused on the regional flights from Bombay to other city around India. Air India Airlines started their International Flights in the early 21st century. One of their popular flights using the new aircrafts happened on 22nd May 2010. It was used Air India Express Flight IX-812. This Aircrafts started the journey from Dubai International Airport.

Unfortunately, this flights got a terrible accident which already injured over than 150 passengers who also dead in the aircrafts cabin. This accident finally remains a bad reputation and makes the airline evaluate their services, especially for the world-wide flights.

Since this airline is popular with their cheap and mostly affordable routes, it is very easy to get cheap Air India Airlines ticket online or directly buy to the official office of this airline. In order to do Air India Airlines booking, you can simply access their official website or contact the legal ticket seller which formally cooperated with Air India Airlines.

If you want to evaluate the price of the flights both regional and International, you will find that this company is popular with their Air India low airfares. That is because India is a develop country and the money exchange rate is low.


However, you still have to be careful with some scammers which deliver to you the unbelievable cheap price.
The official ticket seller company which legally cooperated with the airline will mostly provide you more complete information about the schedule, why the price is cheap at that moment, and detail information about the Airport gate you mostly use when started your flights. For a save scheme, you can browse the recent testimonials appear in the Internet. Try to seek their testimonials about the save place to get cheap Air India airlines ticket and what is the possible cheap price.


Aircraft Types

  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • 787
  • 777-300ER
  • 747-400
  • 777-200LR


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2016-02-14 02:56:18

I was looking at that also. There is only one flgiht a day leaving out of Atlanta and I was a little worried If I miss a flgiht I am stuck. That stinks you were stranded like that is not a good situation to be in.


2015-11-30 03:41:03

Air India from Delhi to Bangalore return. Check in fast. However, when I checked my boarding pass, lounge invitation and baggage tag alarmingly realised that I had someone elses. Immediately told check in lady, who could not care less until I raised my voice. It took quite an effort to get bags retagged and issue corrected. Thankfully I had come to airport well ahead of time. Flight departed on time. Crew so so. IFE not working. Food so so. Seat comfort okay. Baggage delivery in BLR was fast. However, on return to DEL it took well over an hour. Issue with AI is, It is overstaff with most employees who do virtually nothing or do not take pride in their job.

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