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Caribbean Airlines is an airline company in Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. This company was created on 27th December 2006. On September 2006, followed the instruction from Peter Davis, CEO of BWIA

Caribbean Airlines is an airline company in Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. This company was created on 27th December 2006. On September 2006, followed the instruction from Peter Davis, CEO of BWIA West Indies Airway, Caribbean Airlines got an approval from the government to start their operation. At that time, BWIA was replaced by the Caribbean Airlines by the government regulation.


At the last semester in 2006, in order to decrease the operation of BWIA before finally Caribbean Airlines took over it, BWIA management stop some routes like on Manchester, Heathrow, New York City, and Toronto. This action is taken to let Caribbean Airlines arose and use the route after their opening. Finally, on the 1st January 2007, two aircrafts Airbus A340-300 and one Boeing 737-800 was taken back to International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) and GE Commercial Aviation Services. After that, Caribbean Airlines started their operation at the same year.

Since at their initial flights, Caribbean Airlines still survive the use of magazine services in their flights, Caribbean Beat. However, Caribbean beat has already announced in 1991 by Media and Editorial Projects Limited from Trinidad and Tobago. Another Magazine was Caribbean Essence which was produced by JCD & Associates.

As an additional service, Caribbean Airlines continued their marketing by introducing the public as one of the airlines which provide a desert food as their must-provided service. Another interesting service was the 2 inspection-free luggages for each passenger. However, one interesting film also provided to watch during the long time flights.

The color of Caribbean Airlines is green, blue, and purple. Those colors are shown on their new cabin staff uniforms. All of the uniforms are completed with hummingbird symbol. It is because Trinidad and Tobago is well-known as the islands of hummingbird species.

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Aircraft Types

  • 767
  • 737-800
  • ATR72-600

Baggage Allowance and Information


One (1) carry-on baggage plus one (1) personal item are allowed on all Caribbean Airlines flights.


One (1) carry-on piece is allowed:

• Maximum weight: 10 kg / 22 lb
• Maximum linear dimensions: (L + W + H) 114cm /45 in

One (1) personal item is allowed along with carry-on baggage:

• Maximum linear dimensions not exceeding (L + W + H) 91cm/ 36 in


Extra, heavy and oversized carry-on bags are subject to carry-on bag fees.



Klara Cuvalay

2016-01-28 23:18:53

For the past 6 years our family especially our daughter, a student in Trinidad, has been a regular traveller on Caribbean Airlines. We are pleased with the services we have received over the years to St. Maarten and Trinidad. Our flights over the years were rarely late. Special mention must be made of Local Manager (St. Maarten) Joanne.... she has been very helpful to us over the years. Her professional and courteous service will forever be remembered. Ms.Joanne, thank you and may God bless you and this airline for years to come.

David Schreiber

2016-01-28 23:17:54

Given a choice, I would never take Caribbean Airlines again. My wife and I were scheduled on Flight 1521 on December 18, 2015 from Tobago to Port of Spain to meet a JetBlue flight going to Ft. Lauderdale. Needless to say, Flt 1521 was at least 2 hours late causing us to miss our connecting flight. Not only did we miss our flight, but no one has been willing to make good on the cost of the hotel and meal we had to pay for because we had to stay overnight in Port of Spain. I complained on the Customer Relations form online and no one has bothered to respond. In addition I tried to register my complaint by phone, but none of the options they provide on the automated phone system allow for you to register a complaint. I tried to get through on one of the other options, finally reached a person and they promptly hung up on me. What a dreadful airline!

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