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The history of CSA Czech Airline was started on 6th October 1923. At that time, the government of Czechoslovakia created a national airline company under the name of CSA which was an abbreviation for

The history of CSA Czech Airline was started on 6th October 1923. At that time, the government of Czechoslovakia created a national airline company under the name of CSA which was an abbreviation for Ceskoslovenske Statni Aerolinie (Czechoslovakia State Airline). After doing some preparation around 3 weeks and two days, this airline released their initial service by opening the route to Bratislava.

For 7 years long, this airline only operated the flights to Bratislava and Zagreb. Until right before the World War II begun, Germany had conquered the area of North Poland and finally this company must stop their operational services for a while in 1939.

After the World War II stopped, especially on February 1948, Communist Party under the name of Uni Soviet had become the strongest party which took over the government policies in Czechoslovakia. Some of unacceptable policies happen at this time. Their unacceptable policies such as stopped the route to West Europe and Middle East. Consequently, this country affected by embargo which was stated by western countries at the side of Aircrafts creation. Finally, this polices make the airlines had no strength to manage their own company and suffered into a bankcrupt situation.

However, in 1957 CSA become the second airline in this world which used Jet Flights. This airline accepted the Jet aircraft named Tupolev Tu-104A. This Aircraft initially operated in 1957. CSA Czech Airlines become the only airlines (besides Aeroflot) which operated Tu-104, a first commercial airline which successfully sold in the market. Unfortunately Most of the people did not know that CSA Czech Airline is the first Airline which used Jet aircrafts. At this rate, the first transatlantic flight also held on 3rd February 1962 with the destination to Havana using the turboprop aircrafts named Bristol Britannia.

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Aircraft Types

  • A320
  • A319
  • A330
  • ATR 42-500
  • ATR 72-500


Baggage Allowance and Information


Czech Airlines guarantees you carriage of at least one piece of checked baggage and one piece of hand baggage free of charge.
We modify the conditions of free baggage allowance on selected flights operated by Czech Airlines for tickets issued on/after 25 February 2015.


Checked Baggage


Area 1: Amsterdam, Bilbao, Billund, Bologna, Bordeaux, Bratislava, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, GdaÅ�sk, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Kosice, Kristiansand, Liverpool, Å�ódź, Milano, Nice, Oslo, Ostrava, Porto, PoznaÅ�, Radom, Rome, Rzeszów, Stavanger, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Tel Aviv, Venice


Area 2: Almaty, Barcelona, Brussels, Bucharest, Ekaterinburg, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Kiev, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Rostov, Samara, Seoul, St. Petersburg, Warsaw




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John S.

2015-09-10 17:50:22

Good service! Though Czech Airlines doesn't specialize in intercontinental travel, they hold their own and do a good job. They're a great choice for flying within and and around Europe, with great ontime performance and frequent flights between major cities and Prague. My favorite part is when they play Smetana's "Moldau" on the planes' PA systems as you're approaching Prague and its famous Moldau (aka Vlatava) River.

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