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Iberia Lineas Aereas de Espana, S.A, operated under the name of Iberia Airlines. This company is a national airline from Spain. Their center office is situated on Madrid. This Airline operated some

Iberia Lineas Aereas de Espana, S.A, operated under the name of Iberia Airlines. This company is a national airline from Spain. Their center office is situated on Madrid. This Airline operated some flights domestically, and some International flights to 102 destinations and 39 countries worldwide. By using the mechanism of code sharing, this airline also offers to you other 90 destinations.


This company was created on 28 June 1927 which was assisted by 1.1 million participants of Spain entrepreneur and the assistance of Germany airline, Lufthansa. The initial flights of this Airline happen in 14 December 1927. At the time when Dictator Miguel Primo de Rivera led the country, this airline was purely owned by the government.


There was no fluctuated history of this airline. This airline was stable company which is owned by several owners. Sometimes, the government taken over of it but sometimes Caribbean Airlines own the total shares. In another words, something like bankrupt and arose back never happen in this air line.However, on 8 April 2010, this Airline already assigned the contract to merger with English national airlines, British Airways. This company as a result of their corporation was called by International Airlines Group. This company was situated on Spain and also served the domestic and International flights abroad. This combination remains to make this airline become the third rank of the biggest international airline in the world.


Now, this airline is owned by Antonio Vazquez and has already served over than 100 destinations worldwide. Antonio Vazquez also joined this airline to flight alliance like most of the airline company did. This airline, however, joined OneWorld Alliance. This company has also equipped with a small business branch called Air Nostrum. Air Nostrum is a regional airline located in Valencia, Spain. Their services are focused on the regional flights only.


For doing the Iberia airlines booking, you can simply enter their official website or buy the tickets online. Usually, there are many ticket sellers for the airplanes passengers which legally cooperated with the airline. Of course, the price is vary depends on the discount moment, the amount of seats you book, and other policies.


To get the cheap Iberia airlines tickets you can simply do an online search about the comparison of the price in each airlines situated in Europe continent. Cheap Iberia airlines tickets were mostly provided only in a Legal ticket seller or in the airline company itself. Buying the ticket to a random ticket seller will finally lead you to be scam victims.


The formal and legal seller will show you more complete information about why the price is cheaper what are the policies required to get Iberia airlines low airfares. The discount held by the Air Europe Airlines must have a certain reason or they have something to celebrate in it. For example, they held their birthday party, National holiday season, collective company flights, etc. These moments usually leads the company to give their customers much cheaper price than a normal one. Of course, with some certain policies the passengers should obey.


Aircraft Types

  • A340-600
  • A330-300
  • A321
  • A320 (many operated by Iberia Express)
  • A319


Baggage Allowance and Information


Iberia Baggage Allowance


2016-08-31 22:00:27

Some years ago, we flew to Rome with Iberia and someone opened our suitcase and stole our shoes. We sent a report because it's obviously their fault and we never got an answer back. Now, on March 25th this year (last week), we arrived late from Orlando to London with British Airways and we missed the flight to Madrid which we were supposed to go with Iberia. Nobody from Iberia was there so we called them and besides their poor English, they could only get someone to get to us at 8pm (our flight to Madrid was at 11am) and maybe only maybe put us in a flight to Madrid..... Obviously we were worried about our suitcases so we talked to the British Airways staff and they got us an earlier ticket + train tickets to get to the other airport + the suitcases! Never again with Iberia!


2016-08-31 21:59:13

Worst airline customer service experience ever. Staff in Madrid are rude and unhelpful. I will never deal with this airline again. I had the unfortunate experience of being redirected to Iberia since my BA flight was canceled.

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