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KLM Airlines or can be completely called by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is an old airline company which is created on 7 October 1919 and started their initial operation on 17 May 1920. Actually, KLM is

KLM Airlines or can be completely called by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is an old airline company which is created on 7 October 1919 and started their initial operation on 17 May 1920. Actually, KLM is an abbreviation. It means Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij. Literally, it means the airline company of the kingdom. KLM Airlines is Dutch based airline which officially operated in Schipol Airport, near Amsterdam.

Since it was found on October 1919, this airline become one of the oldest commercial airlines in the world which now was still normally operated. Their first flight service happen on 17 May 1920 by using the route from London to Amsterdam which carried English journalist and some newspapers. This initial flight made this airline become seriously engage in airline business. That was why in 1921 they started their first scheduled flight. At the same decade, Around 1920s this airline was able to do their initial transatlantic flight to Batavia (Now it is called by Jakarta), Indonesia.

At the time when the world War II lead the world in 1939 in which some areas in Dutch was taken over by Germany, some of KLM airline aircrafts was on the long distance flight. Fortunately, some of the aircrafts were able to escape the Germany attack. At this moment, KLM Airlines was able to survive and re-built their company and their centre office after the World War II ended around 1940s.

This company had already grown much powerful at the early 21st century. Their power is proven by their capabilty to managed many branch airlines company like KLM Cityhopper, KLM Cargo, KLM Flight Academy, KLM Engineering and Maintanance, Martinair, and Transvia. However, KLM planted 80% shares on Transvia, 50% on Martinair and 26% on Kenya Airways. On May 2004, KLM was taken over by Air France which finally caused the name combination (become Air France - KLM). However, both companies are still dioing the separate services on their own name.

The positive thing now is KLM serves the passenger more professional and also in more affordable price. KLM Airlines booking can be done easily online and fast. If you want to go abroad or around America regionally, you can choose this airline as one of your good choice.
Avianca Airlanes low airfare can be easily get from the company official website, or you can also get it from legal airplane tickets seller. Usually, the legal company which sells the tickets will provide you the complete information about the schedule, price, destinations, flight class, and any detail information. Beware of the scammers! They sometimes are walking around in the online world.

For the additional information, KLM Airlines usually held a certain celebration like Christmas Eve and many more which finally make you more possible to order cheap KLM Airlines tickets. Of course you should pay attention of what the website deliver to you if the date is mostly on the national holiday event. Some of other airlines may held a discount moment when national holiday comes, that is why KLM Airlines need to decrease the tickets price to cover the competition.


Aircraft Types

  • 737-700/800/900
  • A330-200/300
  • 747-400
  • 777-200ER
  • 777-300ER

Baggage Allowance and information


Klm airlines baggage allowance


2016-02-14 00:32:28

I would most certainly not trust flniyg to Europe at the moment. If I was planning a trip to Europe in the near future, I would rather go overland/sea rather than fly.I would hope dearly that those airlines that are saying it is safe are correct, but I cannot help but fear that they are putting profits first. It is costing airlines millions each day this continues, it will cost millions more should it last (or even recur a month or two down the line). While this is bad for the airlines, and some smaller ones may even go under due to this, passenger safety comes first. No, I would take other means of transport to Europe if I was going.


2015-09-24 16:47:34

In November 2012, I flew by myself from Perth to the United Kingdom. I was a little nervous flying alone, especially as I had received a text message in error from the airline advising me that my flight had been cancelled from Perth. However, I found the airline to be extremely helpful and attentive. I booked my flight with KLM at a return cost of around $1700. I flew from Perth to KL with Malaysian Airlines (partner with KLM/Royal Dutch airlines). There was plenty of room on the flight, and I was pleased when the steward asked if I would like to change seats to allow me a row to myself. The in flight entertainment and food was excellent, as well as the service received. The next leg of my flight was with KLM Royal Dutch airlines from KL to Amsterdam. I was extremely impressed with the staff and service received. The stewards were very attentive and chatted to almost all passengers during the course of the flight. I was offered ear plugs and eye patches to make my flight more comfortable. I was impressed with the food and entertainment and even more impressed that food and drinks were available throughout the flight at a self service counter at the back of the plane. The toilets were cleaned regularly and were always fresh. The short flight from Amsterdam to Manchester airport was comfortable and the staff were pleasant and attentive. My return flights to Perth were also comfortable, and I was impressed with the seats and the service received during the flight. I would definitely fly with KLM again.

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