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The Flag Carrier of Poland, LOT Polish Airlines is an airline established much before, in 1929 and ever since successfully carrying out its operation. This LOT Polish Airlines is in fact one of the

The Flag Carrier of Poland, LOT Polish Airlines is an airline established much before, in 1929 and ever since successfully carrying out its operation. This LOT Polish Airlines is in fact one of the oldest Airlines, which is still carrying its operation. The LOT Polish Airlines have won several rewards and recognitions owing to its services and among numerous ones, the award "Best Airline in Eastern Europe" 2008, 2009 and 2010 in the ranking of the magazine Global Traveler is one of them. Such is the recognition of the airlines, that it has been hailed as one of the safest airlines in the world.


LOT Polish Airlines Destinations and fleet information

The LOT Polish Airlines ever since the launch has expanded its network and today carrying its operation all over the world. Using a fleet of around 45 aircrafts, the airlines are carrying a complex network of around 60 destinations.
The fleet information includes 45 aircrafts which are namely 3 Boeing 737-400, 10 Bombardier Q400, 6 Embraer E-170, 14 Embraer E-175, 6 Embraer E-195 and 6 Boeing 787-8.


Features and facilities available with LOT Polish Airlines

The LOT Polish Airlines runs several loyalty programs and lounges for its passengers. LOT utilizes the frequent-flyer programme of Lufthansa called Miles & More and even some of the facilities to all non-basic Miles & More status levels are offered lounge access and executive bonus miles, with the higher levels offering more exclusive benefits.


LOT Polish Airlines Baggage Information

With some of the exclusive offers available for the travelers from LOT Polish Airlines, now there is no longer need to any type of restriction carrying your baggage. You can, in fact, avail the service ‘my extra luggage’, which allows you to take up to 12 hours before the planned trip. Even, the passengers tend to receive a discount of 20% with the ‘my Extra Luggage’.


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2016-08-31 21:56:02

LOT is in general more or less ok (besides seats, food, friendliness, punctuality - but at least safety quite ok). However, if issues arise it turns out to be a problem. I made such experience twice. The latest was in October 2014, a flight from Krakow via Warsaw to London. The flight from Krakow to Warsaw (very early in the morning) was cancelled due to foggy weather. LOT wanted me to book for the next morning (again very early). The forecast was obviously again foggy weather on BBC. LOT did not listen to me. So I requested to go the same day, later on, through FRA or MUC with LH. They said there were no free or available seats from FRAMUC to LHR. This was not the case> Repsective flights were on sale on the LH homepage with several economy class seats. So the final outcome was that LOT booked my on a flight to MUC. But not further. And fully on my risk as they said. Ok, done. In MUC LH was very helpful and friendly (and are aware of bad LOT complaints handling): They booked me on the next LHR flight - and all ok. I sent several complaints to LOT. Until now (April 2015, half a year later) I have not received any answer (and it is not about the money for me, just a "sorry").


2016-08-31 21:54:38

A.Wozniak . Flight on June 25th 2015 from Warsaw to Toronto. In overall negative experience when flying back home after a month long trip to Poland. The entertainment unit in front did not work at all and I was not the only one having the same issue. Sometime later in flight the cabin light turned on over my head permanently . It would require some sort of restarting the entire system to switch it off. In this case could not be done. Food : Terrible breakfast of cold bun with little cheese and strip of lettuce - untouched by all around and me . Flight attendants : very unprofessional . I was patronized over the way how to order a cup of coffee. Too bad some take for granted the privilege to serve passengers who pay also the cabin crew salary. Lack of appreciation is a hard lesson to swallow. Seats : narrow, very limited leg room , uncomfortable.

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