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Air Canada is the airline company in Canada. This airlines has already grown with many years of expiriences. It has several service of flying from and to Canada. This airline’s original name was

Air Canada is the airline company in Canada. This airlines has already grown with many years of expiriences. It has several service of flying from and to Canada. This airline’s original name was Trans-Canada. Trans-canada was inaugurated by the government in 1937 to provide public air transport in that era. However, it has been changed by the parliement in in 1964 to be Air Canada. This airline continued its story which has a fluctuative situations and changes.

Air Canada, like the most airline in 1960, has already grown up significanly. The political and economical motives had pushed people at that time to use air transport. Since its significant evelopment in 1960, Air Canada become popular and well known by a lot of Canada citizen. Unfortunately, it sucess seemed to be harder around 1970s. In the middle 1970s, there was a crisis for airplane fuel costs. Consequently, Air Canada responded to pay cuts and equipment sales. This situation also caused 77.8 % of domestic pessanger decline thier booking and made this airline almost bankrupt.

Finally, Air Canada tried its luck to invest in some companies in another field in 1980s. Those companies are GPA group Ltd (22.7%), Innotexch Aviation Ltd (30%), MATAC Cargo Ltd (50%) and also Global Travel Corporate Holdings Ltd (86.5%). Air Canada also survived by buying Nordair and sold it on May 1984. Even though the crisis can be handled professionally by the team, it doesn’t mean Air Canada has finished all of their homework. That was because in 1983, this airline got 3 accidents. The first one was fallen to an icy land at Regina, then on June 2, 23 pessangers were killed in a fire in DC-9 airplane at Cincinnati, and B767 had landed insidentally at Gimli because of running out of fuel.

In 1984, there is a new regulatory in economic side that gives a significant changes to some airlines at that time. At this rate, Air Canada and Canadian Airlines International Limited (CAI) had been nominated as two major air transportaion for domestic routes. Every “little” airlines has suffered and ordered to be owned with one of two major airlines. Air Canada as the major airline company was finally helped to dig its popularity again. This airline competed with some major airlines around the world.

Air Canada had ever made an agreement with CAI to mergerly work, but it was really unsuccessful. Then, corporation was taken with Continental in December 1992. By this corporation, Bill Clinton and Jean Chretien signed an agreement in Open Skies Agreement in which carriers on both side Canada-USA as a trans border market way. At that time, Air canada operated about 219 airplane wih over than 1200 flight schedule daily in 120 different destination in Canada, USA, Middle East, Asia, and Carribean.

Unfortunately, some of events like terrorism in 2001 had made Air Canada had appeald $ 4 billion for this case. Some other airplane bad events like crisis of fuel costs and many more had also reported by Air Canada around the 21st century. But because of its expirience, Air Canada seems to be a major airline till today’s world.


Aircraft Types

  • Bombardier (Q400 NextGen)
  • Bombardier (CRJ 705)
  • Bombardier (CRJ 200)
  • Dash 8-300 (DH3)
  • Dash 8-100 (DH1)


Baggage Allowance & Information:


Number of bags allowed, maximum size and weight, restricted and prohibited items, sport equipment… Find all the information you need to prepare your checked and carry-on baggage.



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2017-11-10 06:22:38

Booked to fly Madrid to San Francisco via Toronto. Unless you are an American, European or Canadian do yourself a favor and do not fly Air Canada. They have staff who don’t know the rules and would do everything possible to disrupt your journey. I had a valid ETA to fly through Canada to go to US (final destination) but the staff in Madrid had no idea how the visa works and their solution was to tell me to go to a Canadian consulate because I made the mistake of flying Air Canada.


2017-11-10 06:21:44

I travel globally at least once a month. I have never experienced this bad service from any airline. Firstly I could not check on online. When I tried to check in at the airport, they did not understand that I am a European resident, with a valid blue card. Took 45 minutes to sort out. Never happened before in my tavels. I felt Air Canada staff were confused as I have a South African passport. Then worst yet, the boarding of the plane! Have never seen anything worse! The zones dont work, people are agressive. The staff are incapable. Really this airline is the worst ever. Avoid!

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