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American Airlines is an old commercial airline in this world. It was created on 14th March 1927. At the first time of their operation, this airline was served the letter delivery from Florida, Miami,

American Airlines is an old commercial airline in this world. It was created on 14th March 1927. At the first time of their operation, this airline was served the letter delivery from Florida, Miami, and Havana. Major Henry was the man who officially led this job. Round 1930-1940, this company successfully increased their amount of passengers and their routes. At that time, American Airlines had already served some flights to South America, Europe, and Asia. This successful achievement was believed to be the effect of the crew professionalism recruited by Major Henry.


At the time when World War II was held, American Airlines survived their commercial flights by using Boeing 307and 314. Even though the amount of the passengers was decrease at that time, this company was still survived until the war had ended. After the World War II ended, this airline arose one more time to catch back their popularity.

Their effort to become greater was doing an expansion of their International routes as well as adding their aircrafts. They finally chose Boeing 377, Douglas DC-6, and Lockheed Constellations to empower their expansion. Because of the company expansion, American Airlines held a special service to go around the world with their special aircrafts called Clipper America which is one of the Lockheed Constellations type. The route was started from San Fransisco- Honolulu- Tokyo- Hongkong- Bangkok- Manila- Kolkata- Delhi- Beirut- Istanbul- Frankfrut- London- and finally New York.

Entered 1960s, this airline started their Jet Era, which means this company renewed their aircrafts again. Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8 was finally bought compete the Jet Era. They also ordered 25 Boeing 747 to empower their regular flights in 1966. Unfortunately, the first flight which done by Clipper Young America (Boeing 747) to London got an accident because the overheat aircraft machine.

Even though the terrible accident had already suffer this airline in their first Jet flights service, they survived the company by evaluating the flights procedures and created a discount to attract the passengers. This step finally made a possibility to American citizen to get cheap American Airlines tickets.

In order to get American Airlines low airfare, the customers only need to access and buy it online. Sometimes, American Airlines created a discount prices for a certain celebration like Christmas Eve and many more. It is also happen for doing American Airlines booking which simply done through online. The passenger should firstly choose their route, type of flights (to get a cheaper price), and the date they will take off.


The company is familiar and become more popular for their stability. If you have a plan to travel around the world, this airlines will be your good answer to take. Besides they have a standard service, procedures, and experienced team, they do provide worldwide routes which possibly carry you go around the world. For additional, you can access to buy cheap American Airlines tickets by visiting their official website or buying it through legal tickets seller online which are legally cooperated with American Airlines.


Aircraft Types

  • 777-200
  • 767-300
  • 767-200
  • 757
  • 737-800
  • MD 80
  • 787-8
  • A320


Baggage Allowance and Information

In many cases these can be carried as part of your baggage allowance. Any bags carried in addition to your checked baggage allowance will incur an extra bag charge. A heavy bag charge may apply to bags over 23kg(51lb).


2017-11-09 07:54:34

On time departure from Vancouver, attentive cabin attendants, good breakfast served. Comfortable seats, good selection of movies, etc. On time arrival into DFW. After a 5 hour layover, boarded next 7pm flight at 6.15pm. Left the gate at at 6.50 and then sat on the ground for three hours with only one announcement from the cockpit to the effect that there was a "problem" which was being addressed, Eventually announcement that we were going back to the gate. After 40 minutes at the gate, problem apparently solved and we took off. Fifteen minutes into the flight captain informs that we are returning to DFW as problem still not resolved. Landing complete with fire brigades and ambulances waiting on the side of the runway.


2017-11-09 07:53:28

I took American Airlines AA109 flight LHR-LAX (Economy) just over a month ago. And let me tell you, it was nice: you left the plane with a great feeling rather than a standard one! While it is hard to describe what exactly went so well, I will try - the crew: this was probably most important. The crew was very nice and helpful throughout the flight. They brought more water all the time (very important on planes) and was just always there when you needed something. They would also take your trash with them, even when they were just passing by. Some were a little bit stressed toward the end of the flight but that was ok since they were working hard. This was especially obvious after I took my flight back with Iberia from MIA-MAD where it took them a full 2.5 hrs after takeoff to serve drinks for the first time. It was an overnight flight and people wanted to use the time to sleep. I snagged a main cabin extra seat for free using my status, so I had additional legroom, that was great! Also the lavatories were still very clean, even after 11.5 hrs of flight. As we all know, economy class food isn’t especially known for its quality. What we had though, was very good for economy. It was fried chicken in Chinese sweet sauce or something with rice. The sides were fine, as was the breakfast. I was really impressed. (Dinner was also tasty on Iberia but the breakfast was just average I’d say). In the rear part of the plane, the crew had two nice sets of snacks and soft drinks for everyone to have as much as they’d like. They also constantly refilled everything and you could ever ask them for other things they didn’t put out there.

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