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This company was officially announced with the name Compania Panamena de Aviacion (COPA) on June 1944. Their initial service was started on 15 August 1947. This Airlines was created by group of Panama’s

This company was officially announced with the name Compania Panamena de Aviacion (COPA) on June 1944. Their initial service was started on 15 August 1947. This Airlines was created by group of Panama’s investor which was assisted by Pan America. However Pan America hold 32% of shares in this company. This company started their flights domestically using small aircrafts from Douglas DC-3 and Douglas C-47.

Copa Airlines initially started their International flights in 1960 when they opened the route to Jamaica, Colombia, and Costa Rica. This airline was purely owned by Panama’s Government. Until in 1980s, Copa Airlines got a great competition from Air Panama, which at that time, Air Panama was more popular for International Flights services.
Copa finally stopped their domestic flights in 1979 and bought their first Jet Aircraft, Boeing 737-100. At the same time Copa released the route to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Other destinations which were released are to Dominica Republic, Miami, and Florida. Then, Boeing 737 become the only aircraft until the company introduced Enbraer 190 in 2005.

The expansion continued around 1900s. The additional routes were added. They are Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chili: Bogota, Colombia: Havana, Cuba; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Lima, Peru; Mexico city, Mexico; Caracas, Venezuela; and other important city around America. In 1998, Continental Airlines bought 49% the company’s share. It signed the initial alliance of marketing and comprehensive cooperation.

In 2000, Copa Airlines opened the flight services to Los Angeles, Cancun, and Orlando, together with the flight service to Quito, Ecuador. In 2004, Copa Airlines started their service to carry the passenger to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. Another alliance share was announced On August with Mexicana de Aviacion (one of Mexico Airlines) this cooperation finally done in 2007.

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Aircraft Types

  • 737-700
  • 737-800
  • Embraer 190


Baggage Allowance and Information


With the purchase of a ticket you may, at no additional cost, transport all baggage that complies with the following general conditions:

  • Contains items such as clothes and personal effects needed for the passenger's comfort and convenience during his/her trip.
  • All bags must be checked in prior to being transported.
  • Identify your luggage outside as well as inside with your complete name, address and phone number for it to not be confused with someone else’s.


Additional information about traveling with excess baggage

  • Pieces that meet the weight restrictions will be transported without charge.
  • Fees for excess baggage are cumulative depending on registered baggage conditions. For example, if weight and size exceed the limit, the sum of both corresponding fees is charged.
  • The baggage allowance for your trip will depend on your point of origin and destination.
  • Taxes may be applied to these costs based on the charges established by the country.
  • All baggage exceeding maximum weight, size dimensions or piece limitations, will be transported subject to space availability and surcharges will be charged in accordance with exchange of the day.
  • Anything weighing more than 100 lb must be sent as cargo.
  • Flights to/from Bahamas and Cuba* individual pieces over 32kg (70lb) are not allowed.

* As of April 15, 2015.

Baggage Information


Checking bags early

  • On international flights, Copa Airlines does not allow bags to be checked in more than four hours in advance of the scheduled flight departure time.
  • On domestics flights within Colombia, Copa Airlines does not allow bags to be checked in more than six hours in advance of the flight departure time.
  • If your flight includes an overnight layover, you must retrieve your bags from customs and check them in again at the connection location.

Checking bags late

If you arrive at the ticket counter 60 minutes before the departure of your flight, it is possible that your bags may not arrive at your final destination on your flight. If this occurs, we will put your bags on the next available flight. In addition to the standard tags, your bags will be tagged with "voluntary separation" tags.

Most Significant Carrier rule (MSC)

  • Effective since April 1, 2011: if the geographically longest or most significant stretch of your journey is not operated by Copa Airlines, but by another airline, this airline’s rules may also apply to Copa Airlines flights or Copa Airlines flight numbers.
  • If Copa Airlines operates the geographically longest or most significant stretch of the journey, then the Copa Airlines rules and charges apply.
  • The applicable free baggage allowance is shown on your ticket.
  • The MSC rule does not apply to journeys to/from the USA.


2017-11-13 06:14:05

Sao Paulo to Panama City. Food terrible, entertainment system outdated and terrible. Service lacking and staff attitude terrible. The seats are not comfortable for a 7 hour flight. Plane was clean, as it should be. Boarding was later than announced, delaying departure and arrival.


2017-11-13 06:13:32

Panama City to Orlando. Poor inflight service, the flight was not full however the food selection I wanted was not available. They did not offer a blanket and pillow but they were in the overhead bin. It seems like there is no service culture, it is the basics to get from point A to B.

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