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LAN Airlines is a Chili based airline situated in Santiago, Chili. As the biggest airline in Chili, this company was also roled as the national airline in that country. However, the word LAN is an abbreviation

LAN Airlines is a Chili based airline situated in Santiago, Chili. As the biggest airline in Chili, this company was also roled as the national airline in that country. However, the word LAN is an abbreviation from Latin America Network Airlines. LAN is one of the biggest airline compnany in Latin America which provides some regional and International mostly to USA, Canada, Caribbean, Oceania, and Europe. This Airline also joind the alliance of Oneworld.
In their history, this company was formed by Captain of Chili Airforce at that time named Arturo Merino Benitez and started their initial service on 5 March 1929 under the name of Linea Aeropostal Santiago Arica. Then, their name was changed to be Linea Aerea Nacional de Chile (LAN Chile) in 1932. On September 1989, chili government held the company privatization by selling companiy’s major shares to Icarosan and Scandinavian Airlines.

In their history, this airline was well-known to have some branch airlines. But, on March 2004, LAN Chilie was united with LAN Peru, LAN Ecuador, LAN Dominica, and LAN express become one as LAN Chilie. However, on June 2004, this company changed their name for the International service purposes become LAN Airlines. LAN Airlines that was actually the combination of some LAN companies held their own shares which was supported by the mother company ‘LAN Airlines’ as follow : LAN Cargo (supported in their 99.4% of shares), LAN Express (99.4%), Aerolinhas Brasileiras (73.3%), LAN Peru (45 %), LAN Dominica (49%), LAN Argentina (49%), MasAir (39.5%), Florida West International Airways (25%).

By having a lot of branches, this company finally employeed over than 10 thousand proffesionals. This makes LAN Airlines grows fast and has some other additional facilities of their flight. For example, on August 2006, they created the Premium Business Class which was the combination of the First Class and Business Class. This action other struggle efforts finally make LAN Airlines become the Best Airline in Latin America.

Nowadays, LAN Airlines also provide some better facilities and some affordable price to chose. The affordable price choices come to serve the customers to possibly fly in a cheap price. Now, cheap LAN Airlines tickets are a possible thing to get. To get the cheap ticket price all you must do is registering yourself to book the flights in a certain moments.

It is because sometimes LAN Airlines also celebrate the certain moments like Christmas Eve, New Year and their birthday. At the certain moments like that, some people usually want to spend their free time for having a good holiday and finally makes every airport sounds crowded. Those commercial airlines finally held a discount moment to catch more passengers and get successful achievement.

The good news is to do LAN Airlines booking; you can do a simple thing as simple as registering yourself online. You must visit the official site first, and then start to place your booking. What types of flights you wish, what kinds of facilities you want to get, and also the price list you want to choose. LAN Airlines low airfare will come to you as a good news and you can get it both from Legal online ticket sellers and LAN Airlines official site.

Aircraft Types

  • 767
  • 787-8; 787-9
  • A318
  • A319
  • A320

Baggage Allowance and Information


LAN Airlines baggage Allowance


2017-11-10 02:22:55

Santiago de Chile to Isla de Pascua. Had the opportunity to fly with LAN from Santiago de Chile to Easter Islands, a trip I had been expecting tor a long time. Although the LAN web site indicated that you should report to check-in a whole 3 hours before scheduled departure time, I decided to play it cool and only arrive at the Santiago airport at 7.00 for a 8.30 am. flight, just to see that check-in was still well in progress, without any rush. Upon boarding the Boeing 787 I just loved the cabin interior: very light and roomy with nice LED lights around. When finding my seat, I soon realised however, how small it was. I’m sure is the narrowest airplane seat I’ve ever seen and the legroom was very short for someone of 181 cm.


2017-11-10 02:22:03

LAN is a true premium airline. Flew in their Premium Business from Milan–Malpensa to São Paulo Guarulhos late night and the service was fantastic. Had only hand luggage because it was a short trip. As soon as I got onboard I was welcomed and escorted to my seat by the purser. Immediately I was offered a glass of champagne. Other offers were Pisco Sour and water. Dinner orders were taken quickly and served promptly after the take off. Their business class cabin has the configurartion of 2-2-2 which is good if you have company. If not you might find yourself sitting to a stranger for 12 hours. I had this several times and the comfort was still good. My breakfast order was taken seriously: I got everything I wanted. I need to emphasize this because there are other "premium" airlines who fail to arrange the breakfast according to customers wishes. The crew just seem to enjoy their jobs and you can see that: the service is personal, you get addressed by your name and you pay business class but you get almost first class treatment. LAN is always a great choice and will always stick to them.

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