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Swiss Airlines or the Swiss International Air Lines is the flag carrier airline of Switzerland. Founded in the year 2002, the Swiss Airlines has its main hub in Zurich Airport. Swiss Airlines is part

Swiss Airlines or the Swiss International Air Lines is the flag carrier airline of Switzerland. Founded in the year 2002, the Swiss Airlines has its main hub in Zurich Airport. Swiss Airlines is part of the Lufthansa Group and is a member of the Star Alliance, which is the world's largest airline network. Swiss Airlines is always committed it to the highest product and service quality. And, owing to its manageable size, Swiss Airlines is able to be closer to its guests and provide them with more care to each individual.


Swiss Airlines Fleet Size and destinations


With around 106 destinations covering around 49 countries from all over the world with the starting point mainly Zurich and Geneva, the quality is what is represented by Swiss Airlines. Having a fleet of 95 aircraft, SWISS Airlines Fleet is responsible for successfully carrying of 16 million passengers every year on an average.

With 82 Fleet aircrafts of various categories, the types of the aircrafts in the form of 5 Airbus A319, 23 Airbus A320, 8 Airbus A321, 14 Airbus A330-300, 15 Airbus A340-300 and 17 Avro RJ100 is a sign of ultimate quality and wonderful carrying ability. Wet lease aircrafts of different types in the form of 4 Fokker 100, 4 Embraer 90, 4 Dash 8-Q400 are a complement to its fleets.


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Aircraft Types

  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • A330-300
  • A340-300
  • Avro RJ100 (flown by Swiss European aircraft)


Baggage Allowance and Information


Baggage limits on European routes


Baggage limits on European routes


Baggage limits on intercontinental flights


Baggage limits on intercontinental flights



Higher baggage limits


Higher baggage limits





2017-11-10 02:40:30

Zurich to Singapore. Horrible leg room for a 12 hour flight. Seats were uncomfortable and hard. Stewardess were not alert, I asked for a drink and I said water in which she acknowledged then she went to ask others what drinks they wanted and forgot to serve me my water. The stewardess forgot to give me my food. I will never fly Swiss again.

Dariusz Sadecki

2017-11-10 02:37:55

My trip back from Cairo to Warsaw via Zurich was with adventures. I had only 40 minutes to change a plane in Zurich. However my night flight from Cairo was late 15 minutes in Cairo and also landed 15 minutes late, so boarding for next flight started before I left plane from Cairo. I was seating in the back so I was unable to take first bus. After all security and passport checking when I reached gate, stuff informed me that gate is closed and people coming by first bus reach gate successfully at the last moment. However, transfer desk moved me to next flight departing in next 5 hours, so no problem when I have lounge access. At least luggage won't be lost in Zurich. Next flight to Warsaw was late almost 1 hour. However, due to overbooked flight I got business class upgrade for this short flight, very nice. Ground and on-board staff was nice and helpful on any stage of trip. Food was also very good, especially in business. And fortunately I got my luggage on time in Warsaw. In total Swiss handles all problems making this trip very pleasant.

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