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Wizz Air is the low cost Airlines of the country of Hungary, which was established in the year 2003. The Wizz Air has its headquarters on the property of Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

Wizz Air is the low cost Airlines of the country of Hungary, which was established in the year 2003. The Wizz Air has its headquarters on the property of Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest and in fact uses several secondary airports and thus serving several cities of the world.



Wizz Air Flight destinations and fleet


Wizz Air, in fact, operates from 20 bases and serves around 108 destinations with the total fleet size of 63. Wizz Air offers flights on over 380 routes in Europe and many.

The fleet of Wizz Air includes all 63 Airbus A320-200. One information about the fleet age; the Wizz Air fleet consists of the aircraft with an average fleet age of 3.1 years.



Features and services at offer with Wizz Air flights


Wizz Air flies a very young fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft with 180 leather seats on board and in an effort to achieve a consistently high standard of service for travelers; the Airlines has some of the best-in-their-class technology aircrafts for the Wizz Air flights. In an effort to provide low cost or cheap Wizz Air flights to the people, it operates with a mix of primary, secondary and regional airports, which provide low costs. This technique of Whizz Air reflects in the price and thus provides friendly and fast customer service. At the same time, Wizz Air is in constant negotiations in order to establish a network of operations at more airports in an effort to provide low-cost air transport for Eastern and Central Europe.



Baggage Allowance at Wizz Air flights


Each passenger on Whizz Air Flight is permitted to carry One piece of cabin baggage and Up to 6 pieces of checked-in baggage, which must not exceed 32 kilograms each.



Wizz Air Reservation through DirectOFlight


The DirectOFlight offers quick and easy Wizz Air Online reservation, thus provides the travelers with the cheap Wizz Air Tickets. Besides the Wizz Air booking online, the DirectOFlight also offers a comprehensive solution in terms of information of air flights to various locations through various airlines.

Robert Ballard

2015-11-02 18:44:32

My wife travelling from the UK to Kiev and back again with no problems at all the flights were on time yes you have to print your boarding passes but thats not rocket science most airlines are the same. And yes the food and drinks are expensive so take your own. Will use this airline again its half the price of BA.

Balazs Szolgyemy

2015-11-02 15:20:15

BUD-Luton-BUD but other flights as well recently. Check-in was effective staff attentive and friendly I purchased extra legroom and there was enough space. I am based in Budapest and travel on business frequently. When flying within Europe I prefer to fly budget airlines - primarily Wizzair Ryanair to a lesser extent over legacy/full service carriers: 1) Wizzair flies early and late during the day allowing a full day of work at destination. Hate flying into destinations where budget airlines do not fly e.g. Zurich where the first flight from Budapest arrives after 11 am and the last one leaves at 5 pm. 2) Wizzair breaks down the difference between economy and business into specific services that you can purchase individually (priority boarding extra legroom lounge more luggage etc.). Thus you can travel effectively on business within Europe picking what you want for prices lower than economy ticket on legacy airlines. 3) They are cheap (for the most part). 4) They have some of latest bag drop-off times allowing one to start off for the airport later and time is money. Flying from smaller airports also means shorter check-in times (although sometimes offset by these airports being farther from cities). 5) Their policies actually make sense: I have no sympathy for those who wish to bring on board their wooden trunks and carpet bags on boards. They take up precious on space on board and slow down boarding. You should pay dearly for this or check them in! Also having no reserved seats encourages passengers to finish boarding fast.

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