A destination guide to Toulon

What are vacations really for? To spend some time with your loved ones. To make sure that, at least once in an year, you take some quality time out for the people who really matter to you, and most importantly for yourself, because all during the year, you would be busy working as per the clock and due to this, all that you gain is lots of stress and far more less money.


All of us know that France, as of today, is one of the most sought after tourist destination. If you intend to go to a calm and serene place, located in France, then you should go to Toulon for sure. All that you would need is a destination guide to Toulon and things would fall into place, on their own.


As far as the flights to Toulon is concerned, there are flights, but not too many. As a matter of fact, it itself is the real beauty of the place. No fast lifestyle, no too much of hassle. Simple and plain living. Also, if you need cheap tickets to Toulon , it is advised that you book them well in advance, because once the holidaying season starts, people actually brag for these tickets and in those times, things would turn out to be pretty bad for you.


Food and Drinks

One thing that you cannot miss out on trying if you are visiting Toulon is the sea food that’s served here. Does not matter if it is a big shot restaurant or a local road side eating outlet, but then each of the dishes available over there would have a flavour of their own. Such is the beauty of the cuisine here. Apart from this, few of the dishes made from chickpea is also very much famous among the tourists. The ‘port’ is another delicacy that’s found here, which are directly served at the docks.


Sightseeing and Shopping

The city still maintains its old fashioned look and it very much compliments the area it is set in. The whole presence of nature around it and the ancient style set up of the city would be all that a tourist seeking some calmness would ask for. Moreover, there are many art galleries that are worth visiting. Also, one another thing that you can do, while staying at Toulon is studying the marine history. This includes going underwater, which of course, all of us know, is fun.


Hit the local markets and you would find the world’s finest olives, lavender and few precious herbs, all of them of the finest quality and of the best breed. Also, you can check the local boutiques out, so as to get hold of something pertaining to local fashion.


Nightlife and Entertainment

The city, does not much, entertain the club culture, but there are lounges and bars, where you can hang out all night long. Moreover, there are Musical festivals being held, once in a while, which is awaited with great excitement.
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