A quick destination guide to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the most renowned city of Argentina and a trip to this country is just incomplete without a visit to this most stylish and elegant city. Tourist facilities (transport, accommodation, restaurants) are generally of a very high standard in all the major places of tourist interests and this destination guide of Buenos Aires would sure provoke you to choose this city in your next holiday itinerary.

Food and Drink

The delicacies of Buenos Aires have made the world crazy about them. No matter how much you try to prepare them at home, the taste that you can relish at one of the restaurants situated in the city itself is simply unparalleled. Gourmet pizza, homemade pasta or sophisticated steak can be chosen for supper which sure is going to fill your appetite and leave you mesmerized. There are restaurants designed to give you a countryside feel while there are many which have sophisticated arrangements to match your modern taste. The diversity in cuisine that is offered at the restaurants need commendable word of applause and each of them is better than the other thus making your pick all the more difficult. You can place an order for innovative, fusion, Argentine or Asian cuisine and savor their delicacies at the comfortable and eye pleasing ambience of the restaurants.

Sightseeing and relaxation

The Latin American art that can be witnessed at MALBA’s galleries and the contemporary pieces of art can keep you gaping at them with awe. You can also visit presidential palace, Casa Rosada which is painted in rich pink hue just by booking flights to Buenos Aires. Although a cemetery is often not listed in the spot for tourist attraction yet the Recoleta cemetery needs special mention in the category of sight-seeing places because of the imposing tombs which make a poignant maze. La Boca is also a place that is musty visit especially to feel the exhilarating experience of boat ride at dusk. This place was frequently haunted by the sailors of the 18th century. The Rose garden situated at EI Rosedal is so beautiful that it would leave a lasting impression on you.


Buenos Aires is quite renowned for the leather goods and you can pick some of the most stylish items from this place. You just need to book tickets to Buenos Aires with DIRECTOFLIGHT to reach this city amidst all comfort and luxury. It is as important a destination for sightseeing as t is for shopping. You would numerous options of shopping ranging from street stalls, vendors and lavish malls. Most of the leather goods that you pick from this city have this unique Argentine labels on them. If you want to get hold of the recent Argentine fashion hen there is none better than visiting the many boutiques with a cutting edge located at regular intervals. Florida Street is the hub of all shopaholics
who can purchase chandeliers, decorative pieces of art and leather goods from the many antique shops.

Nightlife and Entertainment

A late night tango is very common in Buenos Aires which can revive your youth. There are many dance bars where devoted clubbers never forget to miss a night out. These clubs fill with classical music, opera and ballet which you would enjoy for hours on end without willing the least to step out. Get set to enter this most beautiful city by booking cheap tickets to Buenos Aires.