An informative destination guide to Algiers

Algiers is one of the most important cities of Algeria and is known not just for its scenic beauty but is widely known for many other things such as museums, cuisines, crafts and lush gardens. This city has a charm that attracts tourist from all parts of the world and people desire to come over to this place to make their holiday blissful. The warren of passageway that lead to old Kasbah coupled with Algerian crafts makes this place a hot spot among most sought after tourist destination. The website offers cheap tickets to Algiers which you can avail of just by logging on to their site.



Food and Drink


You can savor some of the mouthwatering delicacies at this place and the most famous cuisine of Algeria is the fresh fish which forms a staple diet of the natives of this place. It’s such tempting that you wouldn’t mind to gorge on it even if you have eaten to your full minutes back. The aroma of the dish along with its traditional flavors is enough to develop an ardent desire of savoring the delicacy. You can also feast on bowls of pleasant smelling couscous. A meal of couscous and spit-roast lamb called mechoui is also widely popular among travelers who can’t stop praising this cuisine. There are many restaurants spread across different areas of Algiers which are famed for fish items. The concentrations of such restaurants are mostly scattered along Rampe de la Pécherie. There are many flights to Algiers which can ferry you to the place comfortably within a short time.



Sightseeing and relaxations


Algiers also offers various places for relaxation and sight-seeing and you have the full privilege of absorbing archaeology and great art forms of this city. You sure would be thrilled of witnessing such pieces of art and you might gape in awe at the startling artifacts placed in the various museums scattered in this city. Algerian culture can best be discovered by escorting a guide and stroll along the Kasbah. Ethnographic exhibits can be viewed at Bardo Palace Museum. The botanical gardens of Jardin d’Essai need special mention in the category of sight-seeing places. Fine Arts Museums is a must visit for all those tourists who want to experience beauty of Algerian and European paintings. The museum houses diverse collection of such paintings which will simply enchant you with their magnificent beauty.





All those people who are shopaholics must take time out to visit the University are which is known as the most famous shopping street in Algiers. Tourists mostly shop for their silver jewelry from one of the many shops located across this very demotic street known for its fixed price and authentic designs. Algerian rugs in beautiful geometric designs, wood carvings and leather pottery are other pieces oftourist attractions.



Nightlife and Entertainment



The night life of this place is something which would definitely insist you to extend your holidays. Diplomats and wealthy Algerians are often found to frequent the lavish bars of this city. Most of the clubs scattered across the city’s posh area hosts live shows of which the most popular is the rai music of Algeria. People mostly enjoy this music along with chilled Tango beer and those who prefer to go the casual way opt for Algerian tea. So, if you too do not want to miss the fun and frolic then make haste and book tickets to Algiers with DIRECTOFLIGHT.