Destination guide to Biarritz

The coast surfing, glamour and glitz observed in Biarritz is enough to draw your attention and you must visit this place at least once in a lifetime. Or else, you would always regret of missing out the never experienced before exquisite pleasure. Life is short-lived and you must live it to the fullest. Let no desires of your heart remain unfulfilled and immerse yourself in the beauty of this beautiful place located in the southern-west corner of France situated on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. Reliable waves, vast stretches of beaches covered in sand have attracted sunbathers and surfers since ages. This destination guide to Biarritz will unfold various aspects of this beautiful city.


Food and Drink

If you have a fondness for sea food then head towards this city by availing cheap tickets to Biarritz through Air France. You can be rest assured for a marvelous treat at this enchanted land on earth which is known for its varied menus prepared with fresh fish. Even the hake that is cooked in Basque style prepared with white wine and clams or small squids and young eels would serve to be a mouthwatering delight. The special Bayonne ham which is air dried tastes delicious with a glass full of Irouléguy wine and you must taste this to experience the goodness of nature. This is a local wine which is prepared in close vicinity to the Pyrenees foothills.


Sightseeing and Relaxation

There are various palatial hotels where you can either put up or just gaze in awe of their majestic beauty. Hotel du Palais needs a special mention in this category which is popular not just because of its grand appeal but also because it was built by the wife of Napolean III, Eugenie. Rocher de la Vierge is another well known sight-seeing attraction in Biarritz which is known for its rocky outcrop. Café-Pâtisserie Miremont is also a must visit place which is sure to elevate the level of your excitement. All these and much more is awaiting you which you can enjoy just by booking flights to Biarritz.



Book tickets to Biarritz with Directoflight and go on a shopping spree at Place Clemenceau which houses many designer boutiques.

Even the adjoining streets are good shopping venues where you can shop for Basque textiles. Chocolates packed with honey and almond tastes like heaven and you ought to let their magic flow in your mouth. The traditional Basque textiles which are hand-woven often attracts tourist at large who want to fill their shelves with these exclusive items.


Nightlife and Entertainment

The waterfront casinos provide a marvelous view and great entertainment to spice up your life. There are also many chic bars which give a contemporary feel. The majestic sea views of these bars further add to their beauty. If you plan your visit to Biarritz in the months of summer then you can also get the opportunity of enjoying the classical concerts which are shown for free and are held at various venues of this amazing resort town.