Destination guide to Bordeaux

The neo-classical grandeur, haute couture along with red wines having a fruit flavor is sure to mesmerize you in this enchanting city of Bordeaux. The venues that were created on the 18th century stand tall testimony of the great architecture of this place where you can fill your heart with all minds of window-shopping. You can also admire the majestic beauty of the riverside facades. Besides, you can also visit classical history and art museums. Gourmet dining too can be enjoyed to its fecundity with a glass full of fine quality Bordeaux wine. This destination guide to Bordeaux will help to acquaint you with the varied aspects of this beautiful city.


Food and Drink

You must savor the deliciously prepared duck and foie grass and complement it with local wines in one of the many gourmet restaurants located at Chartrons and Old Bordeaux. If your desire lies in old traditional food items then gorge in the special and popular delicacy of the place. The dishes made with langoustines and fresh oysters are areal delight and you can eat to your fill with all apprises for the local chefs. Fresco dining can best be enjoyed at Place de la Victoire which is situated along the riverside.


Sightseeing and Relaxation

The various facades built during the 18th century along with the endless lists of museums can be every tourist’s visual delight. Book cheap tickets to Bordeaux and stroll along the elegant avenues located mostly in Old Bordeaux and gape in awe at their splendid architecture. The Grand Theatre too needs a special mention in the list of sight-seeing places in Bordeaux. The riverside architecture provides a magnificent view and the Contemporary Arts Museum is a house to delightful artifacts. St Emilion is acute village which often draws the fancy of the tourist who head their especially for the wine which is believed to have a divine taste.



If you have fetish for branded items then book one of the numerous flights to Bordeaux and fill your heart out with all that you desire to purchase. From Louis Vuitton’s bags to jewelry from Cartier, you can avail them all here under one roof. This city is also very popular for its wines and you can take some fine quality wines back to your town and gift it to your friends. There are many antique shops scattered around Chartrons from where you can shop for your antique goods which can elevate the décor of you dwelling and also serve good purpose as gift items.


Nightlife and Entertainment

Grand Theatre, set in 18th century style can provide the biggest entertainment through its popular ballet, opera and concerts. You will have to book tickets to enjoy them at the Grand Opera Theatre situated at Old Bordeaux. If you want something more economical then head towards the local bars, dance venues and pubs which offer some lively music and a good ambience to shake your leg. The waterside quays along which they are located present a picturesque sight. Book tickets to Bordeaux with DirectoFlight Booking Tool and enjoy all this and many more.