Unfold this destination guide to Bastia

This ancient port has something so charming about it that attracts tourists just the way a magnet attracts a piece of iron. Those who are unaware of its splendid beauty never think of including it in their itinerary but those which have been there even once keep looking forward to opportunities of revisiting this erstwhile Genoese capital. The bustling port, Terra Vecchia area and life’s mellow pace can all be enjoyed here. Situated at the foothills of Cap Corse, this city leads to a peninsula covered with shrubs if you travel in the northward direction. Snaking roads can best be covered by hiring easily available tourist cars. The destination guide to Bastia is sure going to of great help to you.


Food and Drink

Book tickets to Bastia to taste the lip-smacking and mouthwatering Corsican cuisine. A platter full of local charcuterie which includes liver sausages and air dried ham is good way to start. You can then proceed to the main course as per your desire and choose from grilled lobster, fresh fish or a stew made of chestnut flour. The main course ought to be given company with a glass of chilled wine which might be white or ruby red with a Corsican fruit flavor. The wine completes your course and you would definitely want more of such tempting dining opportunities.


Sightseeing and Relaxation

Explore the rugged nature of Bastia or just keep gazing at the boats that look so beautiful when viewed from the portside café situated on Place Saint-Nicolas. Baroque churches and pastel houses present a magnificent view. There are many museums which give a clear insight into the local art and history of this place. The peninsula of Cap Corse also has such unique appeal that you can’t think of returning without viewing it from close proximity. This finger shaped peninsula looks amazingly attractive and is one of the best sight-seeing attractions for all those on a tour to Bastia. The Genoese watchtowers are another highlight of this land which albeit has ruined but still retains a magical charm.



A number of smart boutiques lined along Boulevard Paoli and Rue Napoleon is a must reach spot for all those who look for excellence in their shopping. Place de l'Hôtel de Ville is quite renowned for its morning market where you can avail the special Sheep’s cheese and Corsican charcuterie. You can also shop your heart out for some exclusively decorative pieces of art from the numerous shops scattered along Place Saint-Nicolas. Flights to Bastia are easily available from Air France which can ferry you to this exotic land amidst great luxury.


Nightlife and Entertainment

Book tickets to Bastia through DIRECTOFLIGHT to enjoy festivals of World music, blues and jazz which can keep you in high spirit all the time. They can be enjoyed all throughout the year and so you can be assured of being entertained in the best way all year round on this amazing land. The convivial bars lined along Rue Fontaine Neuve give live music performances that are so soothing to the ears. The live music accompanied with cheese made from ewe’s milk and the aromatic muscat is every tourist’s delight.