Useful destination guide to Cotonou

Colorful markets, peaceful pirogues and wide boulevards are the highlights of this most populated city of Benin. This city may not be as popular as many others in the most of tourist destination but those who have flocked to this city do not have a word of regret. In fact, you would look forward to more opportunities of re-visiting this place so as to explore its beauty to its fecundity. The canoe ride on the magnificent Nakoue Lagoon would become a memorable experience. Go through this destination guide to Cotonou to grab more information on this charismatic city.


Food and Drink

French Cafes and the open-air Marquis are the best place to dine in with your partner. The ambience is just perfect to excite the romantic side of you and with great it sure turns out to be delight. Even people without any company love to flock to these to savor the delicacies. If you want to have an economic meal then there is nothing more appetizing than a plate full of rice along with groundnut sauce known as arachide. It is the specialty of the local Beninese and this is served under thatched roofs which gives you a very traditional feel. You can also gorge on the exotic French cuisines in one of the many restaurants located at Camp Guezo. Savor the delicacies of croissants, exquisite pastries and fresh baguettes on the famous Avenue Clozel.


Sightseeing and Relaxation

Colonial architecture, market treasures and intricate mosques can all be discovered at this beautiful city. Cotonou’s heart lies in the seemingly endless maze of alleys at Grand Marche de Dantokpa. The cathedral of Notre Dame des Apotres is well known for its exquisite appeal which is reflected through its red and white stripes. Ancient Pont Bridge too needs a special mention among the sightseeing places together with Grand Mosque which looks beautiful in its faint blue tones. To get a glimpse of these beautiful structures you need to book economic flights to Cotonou which can be easily availed through Air France.



Beautiful fabrics and quality crafts can be taken home from the land of Cotonou which is widely famed for these. Even traditional Fon jewelry and batiks available at the various shops at Grand Marche de Dantokpa is sure to catch your fancy. Bronze sculptures and wood carvings at the famous Centre de Promotion de l’Artisanal is also something you must not miss out. The upmarket Woodin situated on Rue des Hindous is a hub for Dutch textiles and wax fabric. So, just book cheap tickets to Cotonou from DIRECTOFLIGHT and get hold of these special items.


Nightlife and Entertainment

Live jazz coupled with refreshing beer would chill you after all the sightseeing and shopping of the day. Foreign diplomats and Cotonou’s expats frequent the exquisite bars located at Haie Vive. You would enjoy their company and would love to swing on the mesmerizing Western Pop music. Buvette bars are also widely scattered in the city where you can enjoy a chilled local nightlife. Book tickets to Cotonou with DIRECTOFLIGHT to enjoy all this and much more.