Finland- the Land of Ice and brilliant Northern Lights. Located at the Arctic Circle, strategically placed in such a way that the sun does not set, with long and snowy winters and brief summer days, Finland is indeed country unique for its sublime charm and special activities to enjoy as a visitor.


Finland is also known for its large and effective industrial centers which by far exceeds that of many other larger countries. The country’s global push in to manufacturing using high technology has earned it a reputation for the quality of its merchandise and modernization. The country’s first-rate transport structure also plays a major role in the country’s economic opulence. Here at Directoflight we provide the service where you can compare cheap flights to finland from anywhere to everywhere its as easy as filling the dates for departure and “From to To” form and you get the list of best prices available on the internet.


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International flights arrive the Vantaa International Airport, which is about 25 minutes from the center of Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. June, July and August are months of the summer season and if you are the type of person that enjoys long and very warm sunshine, it will be an ideal season for you to travel to Finland. There are so many pleasures to revel in during the holidays that you can’t exhaust them all. If you are the outdoor type person, fishing and hiking would be right up your alley. You could try your hand at fishing in the Lake Pielinen, canoeing or cooking Karelian pasties and lots of other local dishes. Want to get revitalized after all the outdoor adventures? You are welcome to use the spa and sauna almost free of charge.


If you decide to fly to Finland during the winter however, one of the most enjoyable things you could encounter is to stay briefly in a hotel built each year with snow! The suites and rooms of the snow hotel are very well decorated with snow sculptures. A visit to the traditional villages will be good, and you must never miss the trip to view the famed Northern Lights which are quite visible especially on a cloudless night in the Finnish Lapland. These lights move from the east to the west in the form of ray or fast moving pulsing shapes, and you will have the thrill of a lifetime as you behold the best of this natural phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis. They appear in bright colors of blue, green, red, violet and yellow and are most visible during the months of September, October, February and March.


Taking a trip to the very interior of Finland will have you enjoy and become knowledgeable about the Sami culture and their lifestyle, catch sight of modernized farms that are surprisingly simple and traditional.


Finland has indeed proven to be a very popular tourist destination, and everyone is encouraged to pay the famous Land of the Northern Lights a visit, even if it’s once in a lifetime.