Insel Air Airline is formally called by Insel Air International. This company was created by the development between Dutch and Caribbean cooperation as the national Airline in Curacao. This airline

Insel Air Airline is formally called by Insel Air International. This company was created by the development between Dutch and Caribbean cooperation as the national Airline in Curacao. This airline started their journey in 2006. At that time, Insel Air only used Embraer 110-P1 Bandeirante to carry the people to Aruba Island. Not for so long from their initial flight, Insel Air Airlines started to add their route to Bonaire and Las Piedras.


In 2007, Insel Air Airline began to serve the other local flights on June 2008. It was the flight to Eastern and Northern Caribbean. They served the air journey using Mc Donell Douglas MD-83 and Mc Donell Douglas MD-82. For the expansion purpose, they also add some aircrafts with MD-80 on September 2009, MD-82 on December 2009, and finally another MD-82 on May 2011.


Since they now have several aircrafts operated locally, the total of thirteen aircrafts was purely owned by the Insel Air Airlines. And the total seats also increased followed the development of the Aircrafts amount. In 2011, the company introduced a new service to Medellin and Charlotte. For facing this expansion, Insel Air Airlines prepared with their new MD-80 which was bought on May 2011.


Insel Air Airlines is the largest Caribbean based airline and had already set a plan 1.4 million pesssenger this year (2015). It has around 650 employee, offers around 55 flights daily to 24 different destination, and grow other 27 destinations in 2015. This airline also provide an excellent service by giving the pessengers free food and drinks on board. One free inspection luggage and ample legroom. By travelling with this, you will enjoy a comfort travel ever. It is because their Comfort Class will also allow you to to enjoy pre-boarding and business lounges acess, extra luggages, extra legroom, and premium food and drink on the boar of your air travel.


They also created some discounts. So, it will make the possibility of the customers to get cheap Insel Air Airlines tickets. If you plan to use their service for having a great holiday experience, you must do a booking first. Insel Air Airlines booking can be done as easy as pie. In fact, you can simply perform your booking request through online. You can also get cheap Insel Air Airlines tickets if possible. Sometimes this airline has a special discount in a certain moment like on Christmas Eve and many more.


Insel Air Airlines low airfare can be possibly got by booking it on legal ticket sellers which legally cooperated with this airline or you can get it from the company directly through online booking. However, you must pay attention to buy the ticket or book the seat only in a legal place. In fact, online world is fulfilled by many scammers. So, beware!


For conclusion, Alitalia is a beneficial company for you who wish to go regionally or abroad. It has already served million of passengers and already grabbed nice reputation through their excellent service.



  • MD80
  • Fokker 50





Allowance: 1 x 10 kg
Size (max): 55 x 35 x 20 cm
Plus: 1 extra personal item
Size: 50cm x 30cm x 20cm 
Must fit under the seat and cannot have wheels



Luggage weight allowed 23KG.
If (luggage) weight is between 23 and 32KG a flat fee of USD $40 must be paid.
Size: L+H+W < 158 cm 


Allowance: 2 x 23 KG = FREE
Weight: 23 – 32 kg = USD 40 flat fee per piece 
Size: L+H+W < 158 cm, per piece



Max total checked-in pieces per person = 3
1st extra piece: USD 40 
2nd extra piece: USD 150 
Size: L+H+W < 158 cm 
More than 3 pieces in total?
Contact InselAir Cargo** 



A flat fee of USD 40 applies (per piece) if weight is between 23 and 32 kg


USD 150 per piece
Max length: 127cm
Max width: 86cm
Max height: 50cm 


USD 150 per piece
Max length: 127cm
Max width: 90cm
Max height: 50cm


USD 150 per piece
Max length: 135cm
Max width: 127cm
Max height: 84cm 

* If weight is between 23 and 32 kg, excess luggage fee of USD 40 applies. Waived for Diamond Insel Starmiles members.
** InselAir Cargo t: +5999 7331530 / [email protected]  /
*** Waived for Diamond Insel StarMiles members


Insel Air Ticket Booking

Now you can easily compare and book Insel Air tickets all you have to do is enter your “From and To” location along with the date you want to travel on. And then select the number of members going to travel and then click the “search flights” button and you will come up with lots of flights and different prices compare and book your ticket!