What is web-checkin?

Web Check-in is a convenient way to check-in on the internet, which allows you to select your preferred seat and print or email the e-Boarding pass.

Why should I do web-checkin now? What are the benefits?

Passengers who have done web check-in can directly proceed towards the boarding gate with the printed boarding pass in case they do not have any check-in baggage. In case they have check-in baggage they may check-in their baggage at the baggage drop counters and then proceed to the boarding gate.

Am I eligible for web-checkin

All passenger holding a valid and confirmed booking are eligible for web-check-in. Passengers can do web check-in anytime upto 6 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

Why to do web-checkin on Directoflight?

It’s the most convenient way to do web-checkin. On Directoflight, you can simply finish your web check-in for any airline (starting with Indigo currently) with just one click instead of going to different airlines’ websites. Also, you can do it anytime after your ticket booking without waiting for the airline check-in window to open. No more missing out to web check-in at the last moment.

Do I need to pay any extra fee for web-checkin on Directoflight?

No. It’s a privilege for being a Directoflight customer. This convenience comes to you completely free of cost. Even if you are booking a paid seat, Directoflight will not charge you any convenience fee. You just pay the airline seat fee.

What is express web check-in? How do you decide my seat?

Express web check-in allows you to finish your web check-in with just one click. Under this, we select the best free seat available in the flight keeping in mind parameters such as window/aisle/middle seat, reclining or non reclining seat or the row of the seat (front to back). Also, if more than 1 pax are travelling we try and select your seats together.

What is check-in with seat selection?

Check-in with seat selection is for travellers who like to travel in premium seats or have explicit preference of seat . This option allows our travellers to select and pay for seat of their choice.