There are a number of remarkable things to see in Genoa. It is a city with a rich traditional and industrial past. In Genoa, the greatest known landmark are the medieval gates, together with the monument to Christopher Columbus, a sight worth dedicating your time to see. Young tourists and visitors that have interest in sea life and marine conservation can also consider visiting the highly famous, and the largest aquarium in Italy which is the Aquarium of Genoa.

There are numerous clubs, restaurants, and many bars in the city where you can relax and enjoy yourself. On the other hand, Genoa city also boasts about a number of attractive center and great shopping areas. People over there knows how to live and enjoy a good life. It is very hard for you to not find some things to do when the sun goes down because there are just plenty of activities you can engage yourself in, plenty of things to see, and plenty of things to taste. Though the city might not have any of the popular Italian tourist center, but the city on its own is an attraction to all tourists.  Here at Directoflight we provide the service where you can compare cheap flights to Genoa from anywhere to everywhere its as easy as filling the dates for departure and “From to To” form and you get the list of best prices available on the internet.

Venice and Florence might outshine the city, however, it is still among one of the great art cities in Northern Italy. When it comes to tourist attraction, Genoa’s resurgence Laterna lighthouse is among the oldest and highest in Europe. Genoa’s eateries are also brilliant, it is the city that supplied the world pesto and ravioli.

When planning your visit to visit to Genoa, you should be conscious that Genoa is an expensive place to ‘do’ museums. There are several different combined tickets that are available which could preserve your money if you’re visiting several Genoa tourist centre, it is just that this ticket offer overlapping benefits.

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