The museums, the historical places, the luxurious hotels, the Cathedrals, Churches, galleries…these and many more sights and glamor await you when you visit the ancient city of former colonial masters of many nations, the city of London. This dream destination of people around the world receives nothing less than 27 million visitors each and every year. The fascination surrounding old castles and buildings that were built several centuries ago about them being haunted draw many to the capital city of England. Popular attractions like the Buckingham palace, the big ben, the tower of London and even the mountains and it is no surprise, therefore that lots of people save up their money in order to secure cheap flights to London.  Here at Directoflight we provide the service where you can compare cheap flights to London from anywhere to everywhere its as easy as filling the dates for departure and “From to To” form and you get the list of best prices available on the internet.

It is a bit hard to come by cheap international flights. In fact, most Canadians and Americans that travel a lot prefer to fly to Ireland, and then to London. They believe it is quite cheaper that way. But of course, that does not mean you shouldn’t give it your best shot when searching for information on how to find cheap flights to London.

Nearly all online travel agencies provide services and suggestions of days when flight tickets would be cheap, or on the expensive side. The detailed flight schedules to this city can be found on websites like; this site is a very good one to look at when checking holiday offers and prices of flight; and you can take advantage of discounts when booking your flight tickets to London. You may also want to book return tickets, and payments can be made online through the use of credit cards. The other benefit of booking your flights early on such online portals is that you will also have access to travel-related information about hotels and other itineraries.

Another factor to consider is for you to know the season when air travel would be cheap. Most people who visit the city of London do so in order to enjoy their long summer holidays. Now this is also the height of the tourist season in the United Kingdom, so the costs of flight ticket would surely be on the high side. Booking your flight early in the year would help you avoid such high prices. If you can, plan your holidays during autumn or spring. The weather during these seasons is pleasant and flight tickets quite cheap. Besides, the city will not be so crowded during these off-peak seasons and you will definitely enjoy the scenic spots that the beautiful British city has to offer.

Also take note that different flights to London land at any of the three airports; thus, the travelling time differs accordingly. The most busiest of the three airports known as Heathrow Airport serves nothing less than 180 distinct locations and has been known to transport over 70 million people annually; little wonder it is ranked among the top 5 most busiest airports in the world. What makes the airport service really interesting is that there are free trains and even buses that will shuttle you to any terminal within the airport in case you need to catch another flight. The other popular airports that usually cater for international flights but are les busy compared to Heathrow are Gatwick Airport and the newest and fast-growing Stansted airports, which serves European and domestic flights, and occasionally some continental flights as well.

Transportation from the airports is also available, and the best option to take is airport taxis. To avoid inconvenience, please pre-book the taxis as well.

No matter where you live, whether travelling to London for business or pleasure, you can save yourself a fortune and at the same time enjoy a most pleasurable and enjoyable holiday as you visit the great city of London to southampton taxi