Moscow has been considered to be the greatest city in Russia. The capital of Russian federation, it is the center of all historical events that has occurred in the country. It is a city visited by many tourists that are curious and interested in seeing popular sights like the red square, the kremlin and many other palaces of note. The climate is also favorable as it maintains a low temperature throughout the year. It therefore comes as no surprise that many people all over the world travel to Moscow for honeymoon, or just for holidays.  Here at Directoflight we provide the service where you can compare cheap flights to Moscow from anywhere to everywhere its as easy as filling the dates for departure and “From to To” form and you get the list of best prices available on the internet.


There are direct flights to Moscow from every major city in the world, but for you to enjoy Moscow at its very best, try and make sure you book your flight tickets beforehand. The best time to visit the historical city is in July or August, the official tourist season. So, booking your flight ticket will save you some money.


But the best time to get cheap flights to Moscow form any part of the world is during the bitter winter that is the hallmark of the city. Quite apparently, there are fewer tourists and crowds at the tourist locales and hotel lodgings are very cheap. For you to endure the toughest climatic conditions, you will need to possess very strong and commendable stamina. Late spring and autumn, however, are also very good seasons to take cheap flights to Moscow as the weather is a bit milder at these times.

You can use any of the many travel portals to compare the travel rates of flights to Moscow all through the year. One of such portals is the if you do not have any problems when it comes to traveling at very odd hours due to flight departure time and arrival, then you are good to go. There may, however, be lack of adequate facilities which usually comes with budget airlines that operate out of your destination to Moscow.


There are two major airports which welcome international flights; the Sheremetyevo International Airport which is 16 miles northwest of Moscow and the Domodedovo International Airport that is located approximately 22 miles outside the city. Sheremetyevos is by far the busiest of the airports in the country. There are cafes, bars, and a medical office. There is even ATM service where you can easily withdraw your money; there’s also a bureau de change where you change your money to local currency. There is another airport named the Bykovo which caters for domestic flights.


Enough information has been provided for you here in order to help you make informed decisions when booking that cheap flight to Moscow. Make use of it and you will be glad you did.