Air Europa flights

Air Europa is a popular airline company in Europe. It is familiarly done domestic flights around Europe and Transatlantic flights around the world. Air Europa started their history in 1986. At that

Air Europa is a popular airline company in Europe. It is familiarly done domestic flights around Europe and Transatlantic flights around the world. Air Europa started their history in 1986. At that time, Air Europa started their first flight. Air Europa cooperated with Iberia in a franchise agreement on January 1998. But now, Iberia has closed. This airline is now owned by Globalia Corporation Empresarial SA. At the end of 1990s Boeing 737-800 has been announced together with the other aircrafts to empower their worldwide flights.


Even though Air Europa started their first flight more likely late (in 1986) Air Europa is a familiar airline company for the passengers around Europe continent to do the domestic flights from Spain to another country in Europe. The familiar destination is on France, Irish, Italia, Vanes, Madrid, London, and Valencia. There also transatlantic routes such as the routes to go to some city in Africa, Asia, and America continent.


This company also held a code share agreement several alliances such as Air Comet, Air Dominica, and Cubana de Aviacion. This corporation is held to strengthen the company and also in order to get the financial support to grow up the aircrafts innovation. However this company is now operating some kinds of Boeing type aircrafts for their operational aircrafts.


The list of Boeing type that mostly used in their flights are Boeing 737-800, Boeing 767 – 800ER, Boeing 767 – 300ER, Boeing 787-8, Embraer E-195, and Airbus A330-200. Those aircrafts are mostly used for transatlantic flights which cover around 100 – 250 passengers every single flight. However, this company growing finally has a positive feedback for the passengers. It is because this airline company usually held a discount momentum which usually missed by the users of this airline.


For doing the Air Europa airline booking, you can simply enter their official website or buy the tickets online. Usually, there are many ticket sellers for the airplanes passengers which legally cooperated with the airline. Of course, the price is vary depends on the discount moment, the amount of seats you book, and other policies.


To get the Air Europa tickets you can simply do an online search about the comparison of the price in each airlines situated in Europe continent. Cheap Air Europa tickets were mostly provided only in a Legal ticket seller or in the airline company itself. Buying the ticket to a random ticket seller will finally lead you to be scam victims.


The formal and legal seller will show you more complete information about why the price is cheaper what are the policies required to get Air Europa low airfares. The discount held by the Air Europa Airlines must have a certain reason or they have something to celebrate in it. For example, they held their birthday party, National holiday season, collective company flights, etc. These moments usually leads the company to give their customers much cheaper price than a normal one. Of course, with some certain policies the passengers should obey.

Aircraft Types

  • A330-300
  • A330-200
  • 737-800
  • Embraer 195
  • Embraer 145
  • 787-8

Baggage Allowance and Information


General baggage check-in. See the image below:

Air Europa Baggage Allowance and information


For additional information click here


Hand Baggage

Hand baggage is the luggage that the passenger can bring into the aircraft cabin. You may carry one item as follows: 

 Hand Baggage


Air Europa Ticket Booking

Now you can easily compare and book Air Europa tickets all you have to do is enter your “From and To” location along with the date you want to travel on. And then select the number of members going to travel and then click the “search flights” button and you will come up with lots of flights and different prices compare and book your ticket!