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Iceland Air is the aierline which is well-known in their use of Boeing 737-400 at Faro Airport. However, this airline was centrally situated at Reykjavik Airport of Iceland headquarter. Iceland Air

Iceland Air is the aierline which is well-known in their use of Boeing 737-400 at Faro Airport. However, this airline was centrally situated at Reykjavik Airport of Iceland headquarter. Iceland Air Airlines was created oin 1937 at Akureyri and start their operation at the folloing year. Unfortunately in 1939, this airline suffered an accident of their Waco YKS-7. This accident finally made this airline closed and moved to Reykjavik.


The airlines was officially launched in 1940 and named as Flugfelag Islands. Another Waco Yks-7 aircraft added in this new airline. Previously, the same name with unrelated relation had already stayed at Reykjavik between 1928-1931. Finally, for the International purposes, the name of Iceland Airways was taken.


The aircrafts were added in 1940s with reinforcements of Beechcraft Model 18 in 1942, two de Havilland Dragon Rapide comes after this, and also Consolidated PBY Catalina (US made aircraft). By using thos reinforcements, Icland Air Airlines started their initial flight to Atlantic Ocean which was started from Reykjavik to Largs in Scotland with only 4 pessengers and 4 cabin crews (include the pilot). Other initial flights to Europe country using Scottish Airlines aircraft (B-24 Liberator) was released in 1946. At that time the destinations are to Prestwick Airport, Scotland and Copenhagen, Denmark.


At the same year, this compony improve their quality of comfort and performance of their domestic flight services by introducing Douglas DC-3 Dakota to equipped their operation. The 6 similiar aircrafts were bought to equipped their service until 1972. The intersting fact here was the old Douglas DC-3 was still used until 2011. Until the end of 1960s this company was focused to compete Loftleidr, an Iceland airline which was founded in 1944. That was why they tend to focus their local flight first. When finally Loftleidr punched away from domestic market, they started to focus on their International flights.


Besides improving their quality, routes and the amount of aircrafts which are used for main operation, this aircraft finally made a possibility to Iceland citizen to get cheap Iceland Air Airlines tickets. In order to get Iceland Air Airlines low airfare, the customers only need to access and buy it online. Sometimes, American Airlines created a discount prices for a certain celebration like Christmas Eve and many more. It is also happen for doing Iceland Air Airlines booking which simply done through online. The passenger should firstly choose their route, type of flights (to get a cheaper price), and the date they will take off.


The company is familiar and become more popular for their stability. If you have a plan to travel around the world, this airlines will be your good answer to take. Besides they have a standard service, procedures, and experienced team, they do provide worldwide routes which possibly carry you go around the world. For additional, you can access to buy cheap Iceland Air tickets by visiting their official website or buying it through legal tickets seller online which are legally cooperated with Iceland Air Airlines.



  • 757-200
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The following baggage rules apply when traveling on Icelandair flights. Other baggage rules may apply if your travel includes more than one airline. Please study the baggage rules of our codeshare and interline partners and the baggage information in your ticket. Click here for additional information.


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