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This is the well known airlines in Italia. At the history, Alitalia original name was Aeroline Italiane Internazionali. It is created in 1946 and started operating in 1947. It has the office center

This is the well known airlines in Italia. At the history, Alitalia original name was Aeroline Italiane Internazionali. It is created in 1946 and started operating in 1947. It has the office center at Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport, Rome. This commercial airline also joined some alliance like SkyTeam and Trans-Atlantic Joint Venture which was created by Air France. Besides joining some alliances which help the company growth, Alitalia Airlines service some routes abroad and regional route.


At the first time it was created, the operational service just started on 5 May 1947 which covered by Fiat G-12 aircraft. This aircraft served the airline service from Torino to Rome and Catania. The interesting fact here is, Alitalia Airlines started their official International airlines service on July at the same year. The destination was to Oslo, Sweden by using Savoia Marchetti SM 95 and delivers 38 people only.


In 1950, the cabin crew of this commercial airplane has an innovation of their uniform. The uniform that was designed by Sorelle Fontana at the first time was successfully got a good reputation from the passengers’ satisfaction. At the same decade, this airlines add the new aircraft called Douglas DC-4. Linee Aeree Italiane finally merged to Alitalia and this combination makes the Alitalia’s aircrafts become more vary and also had some additional employee. At this time the maximum route that Alitalia able to reach is up to 100.000 km. This makes an improvement in their world rank from 20 become 12.


In 1960s, this commercial airline is appointed by the government to be an official partner to support Rome Olympiad 1960. Finally, this agreement made Alitalia Airlines more successful. They quickly increase the amount of passengers and successfully carry over than 1 million passengers at the same year. By this successful achievement Alitalia was trying to be on the top list of the biggest airline business in the world. They also created some discounts. So, it will make the possibility of the customers to get cheap Alitalia tickets.


If you plan to use their service for having a great holiday experience, you must do a booking first. Alitalia Airlines booking can be done as easy as pie. In fact, you can simply perform your booking request through online. You can also get cheap Alitalia Airlines tickets if possible. Sometimes this Airlines has a special discount in a certain moment like on Christmas Eve and many more.


Alitalia Airlines low airfare can be possibly got by booking it on legal ticket sellers which legally cooperated with this airline or you can get it from the company directly through online booking. However, you must pay attention to buy the ticket or book the seat only in a legal place. In fact, online world is fulfilled by many scammers. So, beware !


For conclusion, Alitalia is a beneficial company for you who wish to go regionally or abroad. It has already served millions of passengers and already grabbed nice reputation through their excellent service.

Aircraft Types

  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • A330-200
  • 777-200ER

Baggage Allowance and Information

The maximum weight of the free bag may not exceed 23Kgs for tickets issued in Classica – Economy Class and Classica Plus – Premium Economy Class, and 32Kgs for tickets issued in Ottima – Business Class and Magnifica – Business Class. For further details on costs please check below table.

Alitalia Baggage Allowance and information


Alitalia Ticket Booking

Now you can easily compare and book Alitalia tickets all you have to do is enter your “From and To” location along with the date you want to travel on. And then select the number of members going to travel and then click the “search flights” button and you will come up with lots of flights and different prices compare and book your ticket!