When Ireland was home to inhabitants as far back as 8,000 BC, one wouldn’t have thought it would turn out to be the Ireland of today; one of culture, a very rich history and of breathtaking beauty. Every year people take flights to Ireland for different reasons; either to check out the green countryside, the spectacular Cliffs of Moher and coastlines, landscapes with its lunar attraction, or just to enjoy the Irish weather at the traditional Irish pubs that are so numerous in Dublin.  The country with its large number of historical and contemporary appealing features is only roughly 300 miles north to south, and approximately 140 miles east to west! This makes all tourist sites within easy reach by road.


Flights to Ireland are quite cheap, though it is advisable to follow some tips when you are about to obtain your flight ticket. One of the most important things to do is to make sure you make your flight reservations in advance.  It is generally known that the charges of flight are always on the rise when the date of departure draws close. The best deals for cheap flights to Ireland are usually gotten if you book your flight a month or two in advance.


Of course, by visiting websites that help you find out the cheapest rates, you will get to know how much you will have to spend whenever you are ready to start your trip. Sites like http://cheapdirectflight.com caters for people looking to take flights that have pocket-friendly fares and their dates of departures. You will get very detailed information on booking your flights to any airport of your choice in Ireland.


          Though the country has 12 airports with 9 situated at the Republic of Ireland and the remain 3 in Northern Ireland, only 4 of them can really be considered to be international airports. Dublin airport is by far the largest and the busiest of the airports, located 6 miles to the north of Dublin. This airport, which was noted to have served about 18 million passengers in 2011 has regular flights as per timetable from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, the middle East and as far as North Africa to Ireland. There are a few flights that are also scheduled from within the republic of Ireland.


If you are to visit Ireland via the UK, there are lots of choices of flights to the great island. Most large UK cities like London, Derry, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow have direct flights to the regional airports. There are some airlines that cut costs for clients and that makes the flights between the Ireland and the UK quite reasonable.     


Competition is rather fierce in Europe. This accounts for the low fares that you can enjoy if you reside in mainland Europe and decide to take any of the numerous direct flights to Ireland. Dublin airport as well as Belfast international always have busy European flight routes.


Be very careful of discount airfare sites. You are advised to check multiple sites for comparison purposes. Cheapdirectflight.com is one of the authentic sites that will serve your purpose.


Follow these tips and you will have no issues when you fly to Ireland and enjoy the Celtic and Gaelic traditions.


Do enjoy your stay in the beautiful country of Ireland.