If you are in search of a place to relax yourself in Spain? You might consider having a trip to Bilbao. It is one of most famous holiday destinations for people willing to take a glance of the attractive rolling hills and be among the beautiful vegetation of the country. Bilbao is a home to a number of astonishing constructions with many ethnic and culinary pleasures to experience. It is located on the banks of tidal river the Nervión.

There are plenty of places visitors can explore in Bilbao starting from the extraordinary sculpture by Jeff Koons to the traditional sights of Bilbao’s churches, such as the Cathedral St. James and the Iglesia de San Anton.

Your holiday would not be complete if you fail to explore the various galleries and museums which are present all over the city. To be specific, the interior and the exterior of the world well-known Guggenheim Museum is a must see for visitors. Only the exterior of this museum is sufficient to make your day. Taking a visit to The Museum of Fine Art and Museum of Sacred Art could also create a fascinating memory in you.

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