The city that never sleeps is synonymous to New York, but visitors to the wonderful city of Madrid will beg to differ concerning this. Madrid, otherwise known as the ‘Nightclub capital of Europe’ is a city that bustles with a very active night life with its ever buzzing bars and cafes. The locals hang out late in to the night, and also enjoy themselves at the Sunday Rastro flea market. These and the traditional, medieval culture and modernism make Madrid a very attractive place to visit by tourists the world over. It’s located in the center of the country and a very ideal spot for weekend getaways and breaks.

This ancient city boasts some of the oldest and most popular museums in Europe, over 70 of them. The local arts and culture in these museums are quite extra-ordinary. The popular Museo Nacional Centre de Arte (Spain’s national gallery of modern art) is housed in an ancient former hospital building built as far back as the 18th century. The Golden Triangle of Art encompasses 3 world-class museums appreciated by art fans. Another museum, considered to be the most important and located in the old quarter of the city in the Paseo del Arte is known as Prado Museum. This is one of the world’s biggest art galleries.

Due to the fact that tourists love and frequently visit this city, flights to Madrid are generally easy on the pocket. But it is generally advised that you book your flights. Another reason for cheap air fares is the competition between airlines. The amazing and very attractive offers made by the airlines to lure customers make it easy to select or choose the one suitable to your budget. This however should not stop you from comparing different airlines’ air tickets as this can save you lots of cash. You can easily do this when you visit You will also find that mid-week flights are quite cheaper. So book your flight in work-day, as weekends command high flight fares.

If you are really low on cash, you may book your flight on budget airlines; these airlines don’t provide food during the flight. Of course this does not mean you will starve throughout the journey; you will need to pay for any food you consume during the flight to Madrid.

Barajas Madrid airport is located 8 miles northeast of Madrid and serves over 40 million passengers each year. Easy transportation from the airport is available in three forms; you may choose to take the metro line, the bus or take a taxi cab. The metro line is connected to the Nuevos Ministerios station from which you can find access to any place of your choice in the city. Plan to take a taxi? Watch out for scam drivers who may begin to run the meter even before you enter the taxi! And of course expect taxi fares to be on the high side.

Accommodation is hard to come by if you do not book for it early. The reason for this is because of the popular year round fiesta enjoyed by the locals and tourists alike. In fact, booking your accommodation 2-3 months in advance will put you on the safer side, and you will get the best rates at the best places or locations. Hotels are quite expensive if you are in Madrid for sightseeing, stay, you’re good to go.

One of the world’s richest and most famous football clubs, Real Madrid has its renowned stadium, Santiago Bernabeu in the city of Madrid since 1947. The soccer stadium is a very impressive site whether you’re a football fan or not, and it also houses an excellent museum which is open most days for tours.