As the second most populated city in France, Marseille is an available anytime destination for tourist and visitors throughout the year. The vibrant city has been standing for almost 2,600 years ago, and barely had a quiet moment ever since thanks to the bustling activities of merchants and traders in Vieux Port. Accompanied with friendly weather and environment even during winter, this one of the oldest city in France has received many influxes of visitors for the whole year.


Getting into Marseille

To get into Marseilles, you can choose to travel by plane or by train. If you choose to travel by plane, you will be arriving at the Marseille-Provence International Airport, which is located about 30 km from the city. From there, you can use taxis, buses, or trains to get into the city in less than 30 minutes.


If you come to Marseilles by train, then the main station where you will be arriving on is at Marseille St Charles station. It is thoroughly connected to the rest of the city and has plenty buses stop and two subway lines. Do note that if you travel to there on foot, you will be presented with a series of steps that will tires you out, especially if you are carrying heavy luggage.


Getting around Marseille

The public transport system on Marseilles is well-connected throughout the entire city. You can take the Regie des Transports de Marseille RTM that is composed of 2 metro lines, 2 tram lines, and over 74 bus lines. The tickets for buses and metro are available in cafes, on the bus, or at subway stations. It is recommended that you buy a carte libertés (multi-journey ticket) on subway station which cost €13 that will lasts for 10 trips. Do note that buses will not operational after 21:00, so it is recommended to take taxi if you are planning to travel after 21:00


Tourist Spot on Marseille

  • Le Vieux Port is a must-see place on summer evening where it offers you a beautiful sunset accompanied with the scenery of bustling port activities till dusk. You can take a boat to Frioul islands or Chateau d’lf and going back late in afternoon to enjoy the sunset here.
  • Notre Dame de la Garde is a church where the fishermen of old used to have their boats blessed in this church. Various boat models are displayed in the church, and from here, you can enjoy the view of the city.
  • Le Cours Julien and la plaine is a hangout area filled with cafes, bookstore, and fountains. This place here is the trendy area on Marseilles, where you can browse books on the local bookstore and reading it on the café, accompanied with a warm cup of macchiato coffee.
  • Parc Borely is a large park that is located 300 meters from the sea. You can enjoy your walk in here and rest up on the nearest restaurant or bar in Escale Borely to enjoy the sunset.