Munich, located along the banks of River Isar is the second largest tourist destination after Germany. This capital of Bavaria, a hub of nightlife, shopping complexes and parks, it hosts the ever popular Oktoberfest or ‘die Wiesn’ as the locals call it every year. Munich is also home to some of the most impressive museums and amazing architecture and well respected culture. With such awe inspiring sights like the St. Peter’s church and other cool places to visit, little wonder why this city is the center of tourism in Europe.

          The best time to visit Munich is between the months of May and September. The weather is fair during these times of the year, but then cheap tickets are hard to come by then. The airfares will be on the high side, so in order to avoid spending much money on flight tickets, you should book your flight tickets far in advance. You may take advantage of the travel agents that abound everywhere to help you with flight booking; this website will help you with comparing airline prices in order to get cheap air fares. Lots of major airlines fly to and from the ‘City of Beer’ thereby making lots of cheap airline tickets available.

The world’s largest fair, Oktoberfest, attracts over 6 million visitors from all parts of the world. This great beer festival is celebrated for 16 days and starts from late September to early October. To ensure a large turnout, a significant change in the date was made from the month of October to September though the name was not affected. The event started as a horse race in the 19th century and the first time it was celebrated, it drew a record-breaking (as at that time) 40, 000 people that year, all thanks to the volume of beer (which must contain at least 6% alcohol and brewed within the city limits) that was consumed and the great time every attendee had. It was then decided that the show should be replicated alongside the state agricultural show.                             


Some of the best places to visit in Munich include St. Peter’s Church as it offers great views ideal for photographs. On clear days, one can see the Olympic tower on one side and the Alps on the other. If you are the type of person not afraid of heights and the high ticket price, you may take the swift ride up Olympic tower at Olympiapark to catch the view of Munich ‘from the clouds’.

Ever heard of the dragon from the Neverending story? Well, if you are in Munich with your family, the kids can get to ride the dragon! And to add more fun to the outing, you get to watch the widely known and esteemed stunt show at the Bavaria Film Studios.

You will not forgive yourself if you allow the kids to miss out on visiting the Munich Zoo, which has a very lovely children’s area and is perfectly located in a wooded area and permits you to walk around and see the animals. The Zoo is fitted with great bathroom facilities.

A visit to the museums and especially the Neuschwanstein Castle 50 miles southwest of Munich is also worth visiting. There is a bridge right behind the castle that affords some of the breathtaking views of your life.