Are you bored of beaches? There is only one solution to cure your boredom, and that is to take the next cheap flight to Norway, land of the midnight sun!


Norway is known to be full of the glorious wonder of nature. With its fjords, clear waters so crystal clear you could lose yourself in it and the majestic castles that give you a peek into the lives and times of ancient Vikings. The cuisine is also something to look forward to; some of the best and most nutritious dishes can be found in the Scandinavian country.


Norway actually lies in the western part of Scandinavia with its rugged coastline stretching up to over 25,000 kilometers. These kilometers are peppered with gigantic fjords and several thousands of islands. Now here is something quite intriguing about the weather in this rich cultural country. There are more mild winters in the western and the southern parts of Norway compared to the southeastern part. There are varying seasons of daylight. From May to July, the sun never really completes its descent beneath the horizon in areas that are to the north of the Arctic Circle. This is why Norway is sometimes called ‘land of the midnight sun’. The rest of Norway with its over 5 million citizens enjoys 20 hours of daylight every day.


Flights to Norway are easily accessed from major airports. Though it is generally believed that oslo, the capital and the largest city of Norway and the third largest in Scandinavia is a highly expensive city to visit, yet it is quite possible to book cheap flights to Norway.


Tourists that are planning to book their flights to Norway might think it impossible to get cheap flight tickets, but it is quite the opposite. It is considered wise to book your hotel accommodations well in advance in order to enjoy the lowest rates. Booking during the off peak season is okay. Most hotels offer low rates during the off peak seasons since the number of tourists in the country is quite less. Also, hotel rates are cheaper during the weekends as well, that is from Friday through to Sunday.  But during the week, hotel rates are quite high since travellers who visit the country purely for business purposes check in.


There are many ways in which you could book your flights to Norway without breaking the bank. Internet booking, especially here on will give you a chance to compare prices of flight tickets and enable you to buy cheap tickets to Norway. The month of July is considered one of the best times to book cheap flights because during this period, most hotels and to offer their prospective clients’ promo rates that have been lowered in order to entice more visitors into their hotels.  


Now you see how well it pays to check out the cheapest rates or deals on flights, hotel accommodations and also to take note of the season of travel. Doing this will enable you to enjoy the world class offerings Norway has to offer.