Russia, once known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) is by far the largest country of the world. It is twice the size of the second largest country in the world, Canada. With a vast area that spans 10.5 million square miles, the country encompasses 9 time zones and has shares its borders with several other countries like North Korea, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Norway, Lithuania, China and Norway. What the country lacks in proper soils and cold and dry climates too harsh for agricultural purposes, it has made up for that by the vast reserves of some of the world’s natural resources like oil, gas, coal, platinum, gold, and chrome.


The most famous tourist attractions in the country of Russia can be found in the capital city, Moscow. Some of the popular sights are the Hermitage gardens’ Novaya Opera, the Cathedral Square in Kremlin and that of St. Basil, the Russian State Library, Kva-Kva Water Park, Gorkiy Park, Garden of Fallen Monuments, Old Arbat Street, and Tretyakov Gallery. St. Petersburg which is the second largest city in Russia also enjoys part of the lion share of Russia’s tourism with its landmarks, architecture, museums and cultural events. These and many other attractions and wealth of resources are more than enough reasons to book your flight tickets to Russia.


Travelling to Russia can be very expensive if you do not plan your trip well. There are 394 airports in Russia, and 70 of these airports operate internationally; the biggest and busiest being Domodedovo International Airport, Vnukovo International Airport, and Sheremetyevo International Airport. Direct flights are available into St. Petersburg and Moscow from most of the European countries.


There are many websites that offer air travelling services where you can book your cheap flight ticket to Russia as well as book your hotel accommodation in advance. One of the best sites offering this service is Getting cheap air fares to Russia also depends on the time of the year you wish to travel. Prices are at the lowest during the harsh winters for which Russia is notorious for; in fact, flights are usually grounded and for long periods as well. This, together with the fact that Russia is not all that high on the tourists’ list of places to visit due to poor domestic airports, frosty and unaccommodating staff, rugged road conditions and surly policemen who are infamous at stopping and fining at every pretext make the airfares fairly inexpensive. Tourists must however not allow these reasons to prevent them from travelling to Russia.

Where you book your flight from also matters a lot. If you are booking from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia, you may encounter a tough time getting a flight. For example, only one flight flies to Russia from Gatwick, one of London’s biggest airports. Whereas there are a plethora of flights from the United Arab Emirates and the other surrounding countries.


Nowadays, on the other hand, a new trend has begun to emerge in the manners and approach of modern Russia to tourism. It once was hostile to curious visitors, but now welcomes them with open arms. Welcome to the land of the Tsars!