Estonia is a complete craft of nature. It is a very beautiful destination with every type of activity. You can easily get cheap flight to Estonia to make the wonderful trip to travel to estonia. It has plenty of places to visit. Lahemaa national park is very beautiful forest preserved in the Europe. It has amazing landscape that gives a breathtaking view of greenery and wild life. Estonia trip can become more amazing if you already know about the beautiful places it has. There are many others botanical gardens and preserved wild life reservoirs where the experience can become more wonderful. To visit the mountains and cliffs, and all the natural views of the place cheap flight to Estonia can be availed to make the trip in a good budget.


There are two parts of Estonia that are divided by different landscapes and places. The travel to Estonia can let you visit the sand caves which are underground and is the largest bat colony. It is the most enchanting and attractive thing for the wild life lovers. Tourists who visit the places have many adventures to avail including the garden visits, hiking and sky jumping. The tallinn botanical garden is a beautiful and informative place where the information regarding different plants and herbs can be gathered. The panga cliff is a place for hiking. It is an adventurous offer that also gives the experience of having a view of water body surrounding the hill.